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Art is Process: A Brief History of Jeffrey A. Dering, Part 2

We’ve been getting acquainted with Jeffrey Dering this March on the Emillions Art blog. Jeffrey is an accomplished artist and businessperson — having worked around the world to create experiential environments for his clients and their customers. We are endeavoring to take a closer look at the inner workings of his art — and the enigma that is the formation of an artist’s process. Read Part 1 here. — Process can be a dry and somewhat pedestrian word. It’s the kind of term managers pepper into their motivational spiel to let subordinates know “success doesn’t come without engaging the mundane.” But we shouldn’t be so swift to overlook the importance, and the promise, of process. Jeffrey Dering sees process as a […]

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Art Is What Curiosity Looks Like

A Brief History of Jeffrey A. Dering This is Part 1 of a multiple part series. You can read Part 2 here. In every artist’s story, there are series of leaps, pauses — steps forward, backward and off to one side. Growth and exploration of one’s bent is rarely, if ever, up-and-to-the-right. It’s the gift of being an objective observer to be spared the pain, intrigue, guttural fear and sheer, desperate hope of these rises and falls. But for the artist — the one on the visceral roller coaster ride of journeying simultaneously inward and outward — there is no space of separation, no gap, no relief. For every artist who seems self-assuredly positioned in the “known” category, enjoying a […]

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