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As an interior designer, choosing fine art pieces clients will love can be a challenge. It’s not just about selecting the right painting or sculpture, it’s about choosing a work of fine art that perfectly balances your client’s aesthetic tastes, goals, and budget. Emillions Art is a global art consultant helping its clients, including interior designers, purchase fine art. We have crafted a few tips to help interior designers (but feel free to contact us for more assistance).

4 Tips for Interior Designers To Encourage Clients To Buy Fine Art

Tip 1: Give Your Client Fine Art Options That Range In Price

Presenting your clients with a variety of fine art options that range from low to high is key. Even clients with seemingly unlimited budgets don’t want to feel like they’re being pushed to buy fine art because of its price tag.

The Fullest Bloom in Orb (2014), Layla Love, 24 x 36 in. (61 x 91.5 cm.), $10,000

The Fullest Bloom Tiffany Full Tint (2014), Layla Love, 48 x 70 in. (122 x 178 cm.), $20,000

Tip 2: Present Your Client With A Custom Fine Art Lookbook

Presenting clients with a physical and digital fine art lookbook is the best way to showcase the art you think will tie their space together. It also gives you an opportunity to give them the pricing and artist information they will need to help make their final decisions.

Don’t forget: This is your opportunity to tell the story of different artworks & artists’ backgrounds. Including a bit of narrative to support the artwork is vital to helping your client connect with the art. Connect with a fine art consultant to help you put together items for your fine art lookbook.

E=mc2 by Patrice Rouge

E=mc2 Patrice Rouge (2020), 38.2 x 51.2 in. (97 x 130 cm.), $11,400

Parlez Vous Francais by Patrice Rouge

Parlez Vous Francais (2020), Patrice Rouge, 47.2 x 70.9 in. (119.9 x 180.1 cm.), $12,000

Tip 3: Give Clients A Visual

There are two ways to help clients visualize how artwork will look in their home.

Digital: This is the first step in showing your clients how artworks will look in their space. Select a few fine art pieces to put in your renderings to help clients visualize how their dream home/space will look with key paintings and sculptures from their fine art lookbook. Ask them if there are any more options from the lookbook they would like to see visualized in their space.

Physical: This is the final step in showing your clients how artworks will look in their space. It’s reserved for clients you feel are serious about buying fine art. It’s the best way for a client to visualize how an artwork will fit into their lives. When the client can see how a painting or sculpture ties the space together they’re more likely to buy. Often you can work out an agreement with the gallery or artist to make this happen, especially if the fine art piece is local. Keep in mind there can be additional steps involved in this process like buying insurance or making security deposits.

Me, Myself and I by Paul Arts

Me, Myself and I (2019), Paul Arts, 39.4 x 39.4 in. (100.1 x 100.1 cm.) $4,550

Silver Lining by Paul Arts

Silver Lining (2019), Paul Arts, 47.2 x 39.4 in. (120 x 100 cm.), $4,550

Tip 4: Give Them Space

Remember that buying fine art is a very personal decision, and it can feel decidedly different than spending money on other things because it’s seen as an investment in addition to being part of the overall ‘decor’ of a space. If they have their fine art lookbook in hand (digital & physical) they can return to it in their own time. Clients may return to you to buy fine art months after your project with them is completed, because they feel like they have less on their plate or because they now have the funds to buy that painting or sculpture they loved the first time around.

Bathing Cap Jim Salvati

Bathing Cap (giclée) Jim Salvati, Custom Dimensions, $1,000–$2,100


​​Summertime (2019), Jim Salvati, 40 x 30 in. (101.6 x 76 cm.) $4,000

Connect With Our Concierge Service

Being based in Naples, Florida positions us perfectly to work closely with interior designers based in South Florida. However, we work on a global scale and ship fine art internationally, maintaining relationships with clients and artists all over the world.

Explore contemporary artists, get access to exclusive artwork, and the opportunity to commission custom works of fine art for your clients’ spaces. Our fine art consultants can help you choose rare and unique pieces to present to your clients.