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Buying high-end art for outdoor spaces that clients will love can be tricky. Clients want something that they connect with that will stand the test of time and look great in the space. We can connect you with outdoor art and sculptures that fit your client’s aesthetic and needs.

With Outdoor Art Location Is Everything & Materials Matter

Being based in Naples, Florida gives us the home advantage when helping you choose outdoor artwork and sculptures. We have experience in understanding how different types of outdoor art fairs over time in the sometimes harsh Florida weather.

When choosing outdoor artwork, location is everything. Some art is more suited to direct sun, wind, rain, and humidity exposure than others. It’s important to consider what materials outdoor art is made of and if or how those materials might change over time. We view your client’s art choices as investments that should gain value over time. Working together with us and the artist to identify what outdoor location is best for what pieces is key.

Shray Is Our Current Obsession For Unique Outdoor Artwork. Here’s Why.

Shray is a world-famous sculptor and multidisciplinary artist, whose figurative bronze sculptures can weather the outdoors, making them an ideal focal point when refining an outdoor space. Shray is one of the few working artists today who employs the subtractionist technique, where the artist finds the form in the clay as opposed to adding clay to an armature.

Visually her figurative sculptures offer breadth while keeping true to her unique and internationally recognizable style. Her bronze sculptures emit deep feeling and offer enough range that there is guaranteed to be something that appeals to every client.

Shray is an ideal artist to introduce to clients because she’s highly collectible, with her award-winning artwork gracing the collections of top corporate and private collectors worldwide from China to Europe as well as the United States. Because her medium is bronze it’s durable enough to withstand weather changes and temperature fluctuations. We love her work for covered and semi-covered outdoor spaces.

Commission Custom Outdoor Art & Sculpture For Your Client

Designing outdoor spaces for clients and selecting artwork they love and connect with is a unique challenge we’re all too familiar with here at Emillions Art. We love to connect interior designers with existing outdoor artworks but know that when it comes to client satisfaction sometimes a custom solution is the best solution. Our close relationships with the artists we represent mean we can commission custom artwork for your client’s outdoor spaces.

Connect with our team to see our current selection of outdoor art and what custom solutions are available today.