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Emillions Art is pleased to represent the renowned French artist, Patrice Rouge. Standing in the gallery you can quite literally feel the significance of his work in the air. His non-traditional journey to becoming an abstract expressionist painter and his deeply personal approach to painting set him apart as an artist.

Art has always been Rouge’s passion and a medium for his expression. His family encouraged his artistic instincts while he attended art school as a teenager. Despite his passion for art, Patrice almost pushed his calling aside, pursuing a long career in Brazil as a diamond trader only returning to art later in life. All the while he was absorbing and cataloging the rich colors that would go on to become the foundation for his artwork. He brings diverse life experience to his artwork, drawing on the experiences and places that impacted him the most.

A Color Pallet Inspired By A Lifetime of Exploration

Enchante by Patrice Rouge

Enchanté, by Patrice Rouge

Patrice Rouge’s painting style is inspired by abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock’s iconic drip paintings. Rouge was determined to explore how he could create his own unique works, using his own color palette that draws on intense memories, by embracing Pollock’s method.

His distinctive color pallet is what sets him apart from other contemporary artists and it’s primarily inspired by his life of exploration, in particular his time spent in Arizona and the Brazilian Amazon.

The brief but transformative time he spent in Arizona after graduating school would transform Patrice’s aesthetic for color for the rest of his life. When looking at his work today you can see aspects of Southwestern color palette layering rich colors and evoking feelings of majestic grandeur. This together with bold and impactful colors inspired by the Brazilian Amazon, set his work apart from his contemporaries.

The Philosophy Behind Rouge’s Approach To Abstract Expressionism

Parlez Vous Francais by Patrice Rouge

Parlez Vous Francais by Patrice Rouge

Patrice knows that anyone who dares adopt a similar approach similar to Pollock will come under intense scrutiny. It’s one of the boldest positions an artist can take. Patrice says, “My inspiration on that level is my own, however, and the similarities in style are seen as an hommage as much as a rethinking of that particular abstract vein.”

He views art, and abstract expressionism as a form, allowing him to unify the tension that exists between our objective perception of appearances and our emotional, subjective response to objects. He embraces the surrealist approach which attempts to uncover elements of our subconscious through art.

Collectors Should Regard Patrice Rouge As An Artist With Staying Power

E=mc2 by Patrice Rouge

E=mc2 by Patrice Rouge

Patrice’s return to painting in 2015 marked an explosive year powered by decades of pent-up creativity. Within a year he had completed several dozen paintings and had begun to carve out a name for himself in and the most competitive and scrutinized areas of contemporary art.

Since then he has continued to pour himself into his work, accessing his memories of the colors and vibrations that are innate to Brazil and Arizona. He creates paintings that exude the vibrance and energy that are entrenched in his heart and soul.

When we first viewed his abstract expressionism paintings in the showroom, we noticed a marked change in energy that sparked a sense of wonder, intrigue, and excitement. It’s a feeling that only a handful of master artists have been able to create. The showroom wall danced with the colors from his palette.

Emillions Art is pleased to have connected with Patrice and we’re thrilled to have the privilege to present his work to art investors and collectors.

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