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April 14 (5-7 pm VIP opening) through April 30th

ShrayEquilibrium features works by Shray Bronze, world-famous painter and sculptor.

Shray Bronze is an accomplished artist whose success reaches heights that most artists can only dream of with artwork in the private collections of Buckingham Palace and Princess Diana.

Grasping Out

Grasping Out by Shray

As a multidisciplinary artist, Shray’s works are the personification of balance, peace, and harmony in life. Each individual piece emits love, heart, and soul. Shray’s artworks often portray imagery that seemingly exists outside of time. Her paintings and sculptures are projections of a newfound era where humanity was and still is able to be everything we should be.

Shray is one of the few working artists today who employs the subtractionist technique, where the artist finds the form in the clay as opposed to adding clay to an armature. Much like the technique of carving, Shray works with lines and shadows of the block, thoughtfully eliminating material from the block as she sculpts. Her simplicity of form has been compared to that of Henry Moore, Rodin, and Brancusi.

When approaching art as an investment, Shray is a master artist whose body of work and global recognition make her the perfect addition to any art investment portfolio.

Contemplation by Shray

Contemplation by Shray

Her artwork is part of the collections of top corporate and private collectors with a massive global reach from China to Europe to the United States. Winning both the Five Ring Award at the Beijing Olympics and a coveted invitation to the Allied Artists of America has elevated Shray Bronze into the top level of contemporary artists in existence.

Shay exists in a stratosphere of artist that makes owning her art an investment by default, but the deeply emotive nature of her paintings and sculptures keeps her work in a class of its own. It’s that quality that continues to draw in those who seek beauty in humanity.