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James P. Kerr, born in Buffalo, NY, in 1953, is a highly accomplished American artist who has significantly impacted the art world with his direct and colorist approach to oil painting. His distinctive style, developed under renowned portrait painter Lazlo Szabo and landscape artist Carl Illig, celebrates the beauty of scenic locations across New England, Florida, the Caribbean, and North Carolina. From mountains to the coast, Kerr’s art captures the essence of these places in a way that truly sets him apart.

Exploring Artistic Versatility

Kerr’s primary focus is oil on canvas; he also explores his impressionist and colorist ideas through various other media, including watercolors, graphite, pastel, and lithographs. This versatility allows him to experiment with different techniques and expressions of his artistic vision. As a plein air and studio painter, Kerr finds inspiration in various subjects. His artwork reflects his diverse interest and creative exploration, from coastal and mountain landscapes to nude figures, musicians, still life, and even abstract compositions.

Kerr takes inspiration from the vivid colors of nature and uses a high-key color palette in his artwork. His paintings showcase various hues that encapsulate his surroundings’ essence. Kerr’s artistic expression is not limited to scenic landscapes, as he also draws inspiration from the melancholic tones of New Orleans’ nightlife and the soulful melodies of jazz musicians. These influences add depth and a unique perspective to his work.