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Discerning individuals and institutions deeply focused on the intrinsic value of fine art and its potential as an investment garner the most value from our services.

We believe clients are not merely seeking acquisitions but are driven by a passion for cultivating a collection that transcends the conventional, reflecting both artistic brilliance and enduring market value.

Our services are tailored for those who appreciate the exclusive, the rare, and the exceptional, individuals who understand the significance of meticulous curation in shaping a collection that stands as a testament to artistic excellence. Whether an established collector looking to enhance an already distinguished portfolio or a newcomer seeking expert guidance in navigating the art market, we support those who value the fusion of art and investment strategy and seek the expertise of an independent authority committed to delivering great outcomes.

Start and build a valuable collection.Expand your existing collection.Diversify your portfolio.Secure financial value through monetization.Assess and secure the value of a collection you have inherited.Structure your collection for legacy and estate purposes.Use your collection for philanthropy.Plug the gaps in your knowledge and know more.

"A deep understanding of artistic trends, market dynamics, and historical context"

As an art advisor specializing in Contemporary Art and Fine Art Masterworks, Marlissa Gardner brings a wealth of expertise and insight. Her exceptional ability to navigate the complex landscape of the art world, offers invaluable guidance to clients seeking to build significant collections or make strategic acquisitions.

Jeffrey A. DeringDERING Consultants

"Art and Value can’t be separated"

For me, Art and Value can’t be separated. When it comes to collecting art, Emillions has always focused on what is important to me and they always deliver.

JPPrivate Collector, USA

"Knowledgeable, connected"

Over the past 18 months I have significantly expanded my art collection. These pieces have added incredible beauty to my homes. Marlissa Gardner, Proprietor of Emillions Art has helped me discover and acquire five pieces which moved me the moment I saw them. Marlissa is knowledgeable, connected to the art world and serves her Clients with excellence. I encourage you to contact her if you would like to add beautiful art to your world.

TPMinneapolis, MN. , Brentwood, TN, Naples, FL., Winchester,TN.

"Impeccable integrity"

I have been collecting art for many years and am always focussed on asset and investment value. Marlissa Gardner has worked with me on several pieces. She is a pleasure to deal with and most of all has impeccable integrity. Important in this business! The fact that she understands all the aspects of the art market means I can be confident and trust that I am getting the right result

W.W Bednarczyk

Since the beginning, I realized the special quality of Marlissa who shared with me the clarity of her vision for Emillions Art and her knowledge about the art world. I am inspired and excited about her passion for promoting me as an artist and her natural ability to network and connect with the Naples community and internationally.
My collaboration with Marlissa and her team is creative and professional with attention to detail and a good sense of communication. Emillions Art has made it easy to work together at the gallery and create special events.

Dario CampanileCampanile Fine Art, Inc.

After a few months of meeting and speaking I was so impressed that I wanted to start a collaboration based on her persistent and positive attitude. This view and vision and dream to guide both sides of business when it comes to artists and collectors to connect them is what sets Emillions Art apart from the rest.

There's an element of trust that comes with Marlissa over time that has proved itself to become very valid. When you have someone that believes in you and the need for art, that kind of mentality makes it click. It's a core belief. The people that love art, who work with Marlissa tend to find that the love for art turns to trust.