Barbara Rachko’s Life & Art Post 9/11

Reprinted in full from The Healing Power of Art & Artists. Barbara Rachko is an internationally exhibited American contemporary artist best known for her pastel-on-sandpaper paintings that are inspired by Mexican and Guatemalan cultural objects. She is also the author of “From Pilot to Painter,” (available on, and maintains a popular art blog “Barbara […]

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Mystical Forces

Sometimes, the philosophical and the real meet in a certain space and time. With the eyes of curious seekers, we see the world as it could be, or as it is, or as it was. Sometimes, we catch a glimpse of the meaning of touch, light, thought, of feeling—of being—by looking at the visual expressions […]

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The Good Kind of Uncomfortable

In the world of fine art, adjectives such as bold, daring, brave, exciting and adventurous are celebrated and often touted as the marks of truly great work. We revel in the visual viscosity of colors that somehow both clash and complement. We stand, rapt and wrecked, before figures portrayed in emotional poses that send the […]

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