You Can’t Speed Up the Richness of Slowing Down

Living is so fast that we don’t even have time to stop and ask, “what does art mean to me?” In this short opinion piece, Emillions explores ideas around art’s intent and why it is always worth the effort to stop and discover what we’ve been missing.

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Millennials, Investments and Fine Art: A Blank Canvas

There is so much being written about millennial attitudes and influences—especially when it comes to investing in fine art. We thought it would be fun to share the Emillions perspective on what it means to become a fine art appreciator and collector.

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Artist Spotlight: Jim Salvati

Jim Salvati’s philosophy on life and art is revealed in his series of album covers for major recording artists and in his starkly realist portraits.

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So Solve the Mystic Sun by Kara Maria.

Emillions Art Tackles the Near-Ubiquitous Term: Up-and-Coming Artist

What do artists think of the categories that define them? Is an artist always emerging until one successful show? Emillions Art asks artists if “up-and coming” applies to them, or if they defy definition. In this blog, we find that the “up-and-coming artist” is a near-ubiquitous term for new art makers on the scene, an artist who is well-known in one place but not in another, and can even apply to established professionals who’ve won multiple accolades in one discipline, but are seeking critical claim in another. Taken as a whole, the up-and-comer position can be a positive in the capricious art world.

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Marlissa Gardner of Emillions Art

How to Buy Art: The Benefits Of Working With An Art Consultant

Art collecting is an endeavor available to more and more interested buyers as online art galleries have increased access to viewing, selling, and collecting art.
Even with art sales a part of the digital space, brick-and-mortar galleries are still the best way for artists to get exposure and sales. In this expansive world of art collecting, art consultants are experienced navigators guiding the art collector to trending artists, available masterworks, reputable galleries, art experts and specific art fairs and events. Read more to learn about how art consultants can leverage their expertise, experience, and connections to find artwork that meets your specific and unique needs.

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Artist Spotlight: Ponte Ryuurui

Ponte Ryuurui uses his varied interests and talents to forge artistic territories of his own making: calligraphy art and body art—and photography that reflects their influence. Learn more about his propensity for expressing energy and raw truth through his creative process.

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Buy The Art You Love With Confidence: Tips For New Art Collectors

At Emillions Art, we believe anyone can buy art and begin collecting with confidence. If you’re interested in collecting art but not sure how to go about starting a collection, this post is for you. We explain how to build a collection that you’ll love and that will offer a solid opportunity toward investment.

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