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Emillions Art summer exhibition is a curated collection of 45 artworks by 14 prominent artists in an art gallery setting.

Colorful textural patterns and voluptuous curves express the joy and vivacity of the female spirit in new Journey through Time exhibition at our showroom on 5th Avenue South in Naples. The new exhibition celebrates women in different passages of life with artworks spanning a century, focusing on modern art.

“The female form has inspired some of the greatest works of art in history from the Venus de Milo to the Mona Lisa. For our summer exhibition, we wanted to do something special, so we assembled a curated collection of interpretations of the female form from past and present art world masters,” said global art consultant Marlissa Gardner, founder and president of Emillions Art.

Journey through TimeJourney through Time is open for public viewing at the Emillions Art showroom and headquarters, Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. and by appointment, June 22nd through September 15th. The exhibition presents 45 works of art by 14 prominent artists in an art gallery setting. Art is available for sale in the Emillions Art showroom or art is for sale online at

“One of the best parts of this exhibition is that there is something for everyone whether the buyer is considering an art investment or is building a corporate art collection. Each artist has their own special interpretation of the female body, so there is a wide variety of styles on display,” Gardner said.

The expressions of art range from Robin Austin’s Pop-inspired Marilyn Monroe digital photo mosaic to the lush romantic brushstrokes of Israeli master painter Itzchak Tarkay to more than a dozen of Shray’s silky smooth bronze sculptures. The exhibition also includes:

Russian born sculptor Alice Kiderman’s figurative abstract Polka Dot Sin-Derella is a tribute to contemporary Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, well known for her extensive use of polka dots. This cheeky and fun sculpture, chiseled in Carrara marble, recalls Kusama’s diminutive size along with her poufy, pear-shaped dresses. Kiderman carved divots into the dress to create a polka dot pattern that was treated with a metallic gold dye.

Fresh Linen, Jump to It and Tutu are three figurative acrylic on canvas paintings by Naples painter Amy Moglia Heuerman. The paintings are part of a new “girls” series of figures Heuerman says she painted from her “inner five-year-old” during the early days of the pandemic to express joy against the backdrop of challenging times.

After decades painting realism and surrealism, master artist Italian painter Dario Campanile’s work has evolved into abstract expression which is now the artist’s focus and passion. Discover six artworks ranging from three exceptional oil on metal paintings: La Bolla, Metal Goddess and Returning to Now along with three still life oil on canvas paintings: Tulipani Giallia, Unknown Treasures and Vortice.

French artist David & David’s intricate La Danseuse Au Repos and Le Plaisir est prés de chez vous feature languorously beautiful women reminiscent of Paris’ turn-of-the-century Belle Epoque painted in reverse on tempered glass plate.

Inspired by her passion for botanical and organic life forms, New York visual artist Denise Cummings earned a professional horticultural certification so she could identify elements of the flowering plants she uses in her exquisite collages such as Audrey in Garden, a contemporary floral print on German etching starring actress Audrey Hepburn in the middle of a garden and Goldenrod, an oversized 7-foot mixed media artwork.

Loose, fluid lines express sensuality and elegance found in former Dublin fashion model Elaine Murphy’s abstract painting Fashion and Golden Glow combine raw, spontaneous abstraction with minimalism.

Untitled by Itzchak Tarkay

Untitled (Lady in Blue), by Itzchak Tarkay

In what may be the last time one can view, Untitled (Lady in Blue) is an instantly recognizable timeless portrait of a woman by the late Israeli master painter Itzchak Tarkay, world famous for his captivating color compositions of alluring women caught in moments of tranquility. Tarkay was notoriously taciturn, but he famously remarked, “Everything we want and need can be found in a female form.”

Bathing Cap, Lauren and Summer Time by realism painter and surfer dude Jim Salvati are exciting reveals from the master illustrator and conceptual artist behind memorable images in the “Harry Potter” films. Salvati’s pastel palette shows his subjects’ character and boldness in what he considers the most interesting part or defining moment of their life.

The exhibition includes visionary black and white photography by photojournalist Layla Love whose image The Fullest Bloom was adapted for over 30 Tiffany & Company diamond showrooms worldwide. Love’s attention to detail and mastery of fine art printing is evident in Another Door Opens and Before You Die Make Sure to Walk Though a Bamboo Forest artworks both printed 24K gold leaf on wood blocks.

Fond of gold for its representation of light and resurrection in Slavic icons, Nice painter and author Marie-Aude Saint Michel uses it to portray contemporary icons. Grace Kelly Imperial Gold and Infinite Grace Blue are the first of Saint Michel’s “The Immortals” series — silhouettes that emerge from the canvas but disappear under a layer of gold as one walks away from it, symbolizing one’s entry into eternity.

English fine artist Matthew Grayson’s discerning eye for detail and topographical accuracy is recognized in his masterwork Pulteney Bridge which depicts the 980-foot Palladian style bridge across the River Avon in Bath, England, circa 1774. Grayson’s painstaking and time-consuming painting technique is based on old masters’ artistic rules of stretching the perspective by constructing complex geometrical line construction overlays.

Silver Lining and Marilyn are large and bold acrylic on canvas paintings by mixed-media artist Paul Arts who portrays people in strongly expressionistic ways, experimenting with contours and different colors. Arts amplifies emotions, gestures, and facial expressions, inviting the spectator to become a participant in his artwork.

Frida by Robin Austin

Frida, by Robin Austin

Robin Austin’s 60’s pop art photographic mosaics reflect his love and devotion to storytelling. Blind Passion, Frida and Marilyn Monroe are made up of thousands of smaller photographic images fused into a single digital print mounted on acrylic.

Fourteen artworks from sculptor Shray, including several bronze sculptures and a new interactive expressionist series of large-scale paintings. Each artwork is a pathway for the viewer to be a participant and a joint creator to an ongoing story that extends beyond the artwork itself, capturing moments of the human experience in the eyes, a tilt of the head or the flicker of a smile.

Ms. Gardner travels the world to negotiate rare masterworks for the discerning collector. She continues to expand the Emillions Art network, creating international partnerships with esteemed gallerists, curators and collectors in the US, Europe and the Mideast. As an authority in fine art asset management, Emillions Art has developed a core collective of leading experts in art appraisals, art history, scientific forensics analysis, authentication, provenance, gallery exhibition, insurance, and other professionals to create a full slate of art industry services catering to ambitious buyers and collectors.

In addition, Gardner maintains the Emillions Art showroom, inspired by an art gallery, with regular exhibitions she personally curates.

For more information, call (239) 687-3101.

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