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The value of an art consultant.

Art is more than an amenity. It gives life to any setting where people gather, singly or in groups. Art inspires emotional response and conversation. It moves you, whether it’s a serene backdrop or a provocative message in color and shape.

More than interior decor, we believe that art deserves a prominent and intentional place in spaces with a purpose. What is the intention of your space, we ask? Is it a convivial setting or should it stimulate the mind or provide a serene ambiance?

Great art is not restricted to the homes of art collectors. We enjoy it in public spaces, for example. But often, we notice that in corporate settings, art is relegated to an accessory of interior design — like a lamp or a pillow. The need for businesses to acquire art in great quantity dictates the use of prints or giclees, often selected by interior designers. Some enlightened companies devote resources for art investment and an art consultant to help guide the acquisition of a corporate art collection that gains value over time as well as establishes the intentional mood of the space. Luxury hotels are a prime example of benefiting from corporate art collections.

The best hospitality art consultants have an experienced and diverse team to help enhance corporate art collections.

Wave Runner by John Robbolino

Wave Runner by John Robbolino Jr.

While Emillions Art works closely with collectors as an art consultant, we recently launched a hospitality division dedicated to developing artistic space in corporate and hospitality settings with works by notable national and international artists. Our team of talented professionals can help select art for hospitals, hoteliers and commercial clients in the renovation or revitalization of country clubs, community centers and public spaces. We also work with customers building private “spec” homes, developers requiring help with furnished models and luxury home renovations.

An example of our collaboration with the corporate sector is our work with Ferrari, which celebrated the opening of its new showroom by partnering with Emillions Art. Artwork from two of our artists, Dario Campanile and John Robbolino Jr. was on display at the opening event, greatly enhancing the aesthetics by pairing glorious engineering with the machinations of the heart and soul.

To learn more about our art consultants for hospitality and corporate art collections, contact us or call 239-687-3101.