Corporate Art

Corporate art can be an investment and an expression.

As professional corporate art consultants, we take great care to provide tailored service for clients looking to maximize the creative ambiance of their workplace and public environments. Emillions will assess a current corporate collection and advise works to grow the collection’s provenance, scope and theme—essentially adding value to corporate collections by attaining cohesion and market strength.

Corporate spaces benefit greatly from artistic expression; clients become energized and uplifted because art—in all forms—has the power to illuminate and provoke thought. The presence of art has great propensity for public impact, engagement, and wonder. Repeatedly, we are told clients want art that is appealing, engaging, creating energy within a space—whether it’s excitement or relaxation.

We join forces with clients to expand significant exhibitions with new contemporary pieces or masterworks, to generate new interest in existing collections as branding tools, and to heighten public engagement, drawing awareness to a company’s identity.