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Born in Europe in 1975 and living in Japan since 2001, Ponte Ryuurui brings unique prowess to Emillions Art with his Japanese calligraphy and photography.

Based in Tokyo, Ryuurui has cultivated his mastery of calligraphy through study under a master teacher descended from a line of calligraphy grand masters. The art form’s inherent abstract nature, energy, and raw truth captivate him to what has become a lifelong study. Feeling the conversation between the white paper and the black strokes, Ryuurui embraces the calmness of the process in creating his art. From classical calligraphy on white paper to body art on the human form, he expands his artistry and expresses his perspective in challenging ways.

Ponte Ryuurui - Overcome OneselfIn an article by Emillions Art’s own Lily Ng in Portfolio Magazine, Ryuurui shared, “Unlike other arts, with calligraphy, there’s no opportunity to make mistakes. Everything is done in one stroke. If you are not certain of what you are writing, it shows in the lines. That’s the power of calligraphy—the endlessness of study. You study for the sake of studying, not just to create something beautiful, but to experience the energy of creating.”

Ryuurui’s photography also reflects his appreciation of the creative process and the power of connecting with his subjects. Fascinated with portraiture, he strives to disarm the person to allow the real individual to surface. He applies the same approach to his architecture photography. His work displays intention of exposing raw beauty through enhancing the nuances between shadows and lines.

Ryuurui not only creates his own works, but also educates other artists to help them develop their calligraphy, Photoshop, editing, and photography skills. He has rightfully earned worldwide respect and admiration for his artistic abilities.

Japanese and Chinese calligraphy artRyuurui’s accomplishments include several national-level Japanese calligraphy and photography awards in Japan. He has also authored several books on calligraphy and the etymology of Japanese kanji. His other credits include owner of Ryuurui’s Art Studio & Ryuurui Foto Studio, New Master Calligrapher of All Japan Calligraphy Art and Literature Association, member of Shosoin, a Japanese calligraphy association, and co-founder of Ink Treasures, an artistic and educational project for those interested in the history and art of Japanese and Chinese calligraphy. His photography and artistic musings of life in Tokyo can be found on his blog.

At Emillions Art, we have several original and photographic prints of Ryuurui’s calligraphy art available. They display the diversity, depth, and raw beauty of his vision and creativity. We invite you to peruse his portfolio, and contact us to discuss adding his art to your collection.