Ponte Ryuurui

Born in Europe in 1975, resides in Japan since 2001. After graduating M.A. in law, decided to pursue a career as an artist. Tokyo based Japanese calligraphy and Chinese calligraphy scholar, photographer, photoshop artist, educator, book writer and poet.

Owner at Ryuurui’s Art Studio & Ryuurui Foto Studio; New Master Calligrapher (Jun Shihan / 準師範) of All Japan Calligraphy Art and Literature Association and member of Shosoin ( 書 宗 院 ) Japanese calligraphy association. Founder of Japan in Photography and co-founder of Ink Treasures artistic project. Published author of books on the subject of calligraphy, etymology of Japanese kanji and Japanese writing systems, and poetry. Winner of several national level (Japan) Japanese calligraphy contests and holder of several photography contest awards. Participant and co-organizer of Japanese calligraphy exhibitions, including National Art Center, Tokyo (国立新美術館,). www.ryuurui.com




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