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Buying art is, in a way, an art in itself. Here at Emillions Art, we value relationships with our clients and our artists above all. When working with clients, we consider their needs, tastes, budget, and long-term goals—keeping their best interests in mind. A knowledgeable art consultant can enhance the adventure of collecting art by interpreting your needs and leading you to the perfect piece to begin or expand your collection.

What benefits can you expect from working with an art consultant?

Art consultants:

  • Think strategically about art purchases

Art consultants consider everything involved in making a smart art investment. Before recommending art to you, they carefully assess aesthetic requirements, style preferences, environmental factors, size/scale specifications, and your budget range as they consider artists and types of art that resonate with you.

  • Know the industry

Art consultants pay attention to movements in the art world through gallery openings, art festivals and fairs, auctions, and online sources. They are exposed to many different artists and are typically familiar with various categories of art—including paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, etc. This extensive and specialized familiarity with the art industry will expose you, the collector, to any number of works that will align with your needs.

  • Know who’s hot right now and who will be hot tomorrow

Through their background, experience, business activities, and professional connections, art consultants are at the forefront of knowing which artists are in demand now and which up-and-coming artists are poised for success. This insight is essential for securing art that will provide the most value.

  •  Facilitate commissions

Because of their relationships and reputation in the industry, they can facilitate commissioning artists to create original artwork for you.

  • Create ambiance through art

They can serve as valuable members of a building design team, working with architects and interior designers to holistically create the environment you want with ideal art and placement.

  • Evaluate your art collection

They can help you recalibrate your existing art collection by evaluating what you own now and determining how to diversify or augment it to increase the overall value.

  •  Help Secure Documentation

They can help you secure documentation for artwork, which is important for validating authenticity and ensuring the asking price is in line with the value of the piece. On current works, obtaining documentation can be a relatively straightforward process, but for older pieces and Masters works, you’ll be thankful for the assistance of a seasoned consultant in navigating the process.

  • Work with a team of experts

When you work with an art consultant you also get the benefit of being connected with an entire network of experts. Art consultants know trusted appraisers, art specialists with in-depth knowledge about specific types of art (like Columbian pottery or Japanese calligraphy), gallery owners, museum administrators, and others.

Art consultants open avenues to collecting art by introducing artwork that fulfills your specific needs or that you may have thought was out of reach. Whether you’re looking for art to beautify your home, augment an existing collection’s value, provide a soothing aura in a healthcare setting, or make a statement in a corporate high-rise, you’ll benefit from their knowledge and experience.

To explore how an art consultant can serve as your conduit to artwork that’s collectible and best-suited for your space, contact Emillions Art today. From residences to corporate offices to hospitality to institutions, we help buyers with diverse needs find the perfect artwork no matter how small or large a canvas they need to fill.