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We’ve all been there: a trip to the hospital as either a patient or a visitor. After the initial burst of adrenaline and the flurry of activity fades, we are left with the quiet lulls in the conversation filled only with the sound of monitors and other equipment.

It’s then that we take notice of the surrounding aesthetic.

Often, the austere, minimalist decor, bordering on bland and forgettable, speaks not to the soul, nor the heart. When you were last there, what do you remember? Was there art? Was it colorful? Was it vibrant? Stirring, inspiring, thought provoking?

These centers of health and healing are pivotal parts of our communities – inhabited by heroes: patients, practitioners, nurses, clergy, support staff, doctors, researchers and the like. But they are just like us: people.

These are OUR people.

Recognizing beauty, craving connection, seeking comfort.

Art for hospitals translates to beauty, connection, and comfort.

Aren’t these the role fine art plays in society?

So why can it not serve the same function in our places of wellness and recovery? Art in hospitals has been ubiquitously cliché, but there are new movements that seek to change that reality.

Organizations such as the Foundation for Hospital Art have been forging new ways of bringing beautiful art into these essential environments. And their mission? The Georgia-based organization is dedicated to softening the hospital environment with colorful paintings, wall murals and ceiling tiles.

This isn’t just a fanciful attempt to modernize the hospital environment.

There is real data behind these ideas. For years, science has been looking for ways to use the healing power of art.

Exercising healthy art for hospitals.

Evermore by ShrayIn 2006 a Department of Health Working Group on Arts and Health reported that the arts have ‘a clear contribution to make and offer major opportunities in the delivery of better health, wellbeing and improved experience for patients, service users and staff alike’.

Forty-three percent of frontline clinical staff believe that the arts had a positive effect on healing and 24% considered that the arts improved clinical outcomes, according to one study. These statistics are a compelling argument for why more healthcare institutions should consider adding fine art in their environments as part of a larger wellness strategy.

Of course, realizing the power of art’s contribution is one thing, knowing how to curate a collection that is both appropriate for the specific environment and still cohesive within itself is a skill set all its own.

We have the knowledge and experience to guide this type of project.

Most hospital administrators may not possess the knowledge and connections associated with managing and procuring artworks that are appropriate for their hospital setting.

Consult your specialist regarding art for hospitals.

Emillions Art is an outside consultancy.

We can curate and hone your hospital’s sense of artistic and beauty.

We’ve experienced this new sense of excitement and curiosity surrounding the idea of fine art contributing to the environments of modern medicine.

When it comes to choosing fine art for hospitals and other healthcare centers, we aren’t simply talking about interior design. We are talking about a true foray into acquiring important selections; pieces that can take healthcare workers and patients alike on a joyous journey.

Building a collection of significant works takes time, but it can be achieved with guidance and a good aesthetic strategy.

In partnership with your organization’s administration, other consultants such as your architect or interior design firm, we can help you create a broadly appealing and uniquely inspiring catalog of art that will beautify the spaces within your facility for years to come.

Emillions Art is a perfect fit for such an undertaking. With a worldwide network of artists and brokers, we offer an unparalleled perspective.
If your organization is searching for new ways to contribute to the wellbeing of your staff and patients, the journey to creating your collection of healing art can begin right now.

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