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Art has always been his passion and a medium for his expression. His family encouraged his artistic instincts while he attended art school as a teenager.

After completing his studies, Patrice was eager to travel and spent a brief and impressionable 6 months in Arizona. Aspects of the Southwestern color palette remain ingrained in his paintings to this day.

Next, he traveled to Brazil, where he decided to stay and pursue a career as a diamond trader.

Blue On Blue by Patrice Rouge

Blue On Blue by Patrice Rouge

Patrice’s artistic instincts have remained with him throughout his life. His ability to absorb and catalog the rich colors and exotic grandeur of the Amazon, as well as the dynamic blue skies of Arizona and the Southwest, are manifested in his paintings today.

Toward the end of his diamond trading career, he confided in close friends that he felt there was something missing from his life. His friends encouraged him to refocus his energy on his artistic instincts. And so he dove back into the passion of his youth, painting.

Parlez Vous Francais by Patrice Rouge

Parlez Vous Francais by Patrice Rouge

It was 2015 and within a year he had completed several dozen paintings.

Since then he has continued to pour himself into his work, accessing his memories of the colors and vibrations that are innate to Brazil and Arizona. He creates paintings that exude the vibrance and energy that are entrenched in his heart and soul.

When we first viewed his abstract expressionism paintings in the showroom, we noticed a change of energy that sparked a sense of wonder, intrigue and excitement. The showroom wall danced with the colors from his palette.

Emillions Art is pleased to have connected with Patrice and thrilled to present his work to art investors and collectors.

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