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Buying art from trusted, international art consultants.

Emillions Art is designed to make buying art effortless and secure. We work privately with our clients in person or online to ensure discretion and focused client service. Our mission is to offer an exclusive, excellent and enjoyable experience while furnishing access to unusual and rare works from the worldwide marketplace—all with white-glove service being of primary importance. Emillions Art is here to take the uncertainty and risk out of buying art online. We ship any size to anywhere. Visit our Shipping FAQs for more details.

Emillions Art provides original paintings, limited edition prints, and sculpture from major international artists on the global market. Emillions Art is your principal source for modern and old masterworks and contemporary discoveries in the genres of modern, pop, post-war, and photographic art. Along with our contemporary fine artists, we arrange for the private viewing of rare and original Old Masters and Modern Masters.

Buy your artwork online.

Add to Cart As you explore our website, you may find artwork listed with a price and an “Add to Cart” button. These pieces of art are available for you to buy online with secure online transactions. This does not apply to Masters works. Please Request Concierge Service for information regarding Masters.

Make an offer.

Make An OfferWhen you see the “Make an Offer” button, we are not kidding. Make us a reasonable offer. Our sales team will review your offer and contact you within 24 hours. If you wish to speak to an Art Consultant, please call Emillions Art at (239) 687-3101.

Request a price with our “Request Concierge Service”.

Request Concierge ServiceThroughout our website, you may find some artwork listed with the “Request Concierge Service” button. Using this service allows you to complete a simple web form and connect with our Concierge Services team which will include the price and more details about the piece of art. Our expert staff will contact you personally within 24 hours and answer any questions you may have.

We encourage you to make an offer. Contact a member of the Emillions Art staff with any inquiry about artwork, pricing, provenance, authenticity, originality, background, sales history, appraisals, artist background, and anything pertaining to the art in question.

When your offer/inquiry has been submitted.

  1. Purchase requests are monitored by our staff 24/7. Our worldwide experienced sales associates will process offers quickly to facilitate your purchase. We will contact you by your preferred method of communication within 24 hours of inquiry.
  2. Online sales use real-time, secure credit card transactions. All funds from sales are placed in a secure escrow account until the transaction is complete. When the funds are secure, the art is released to the buyer. When the art is approved by the buyer, the funds are then released to the artist. All prices listed are in $USD and can be made by bank wire, check, Visa or Mastercard,Discover and American Express.
  3. Emillions Art will assist the seller to safely ship the artwork. We ship by bonded carriers: FedEx, UPS, DHL, Freighters & Craters, among others. Buyers are responsible for shipping costs, insurance, and applicable customs/VAT. All sales will require a shipping estimate after the purchase of the artwork. Shipping estimates will vary depending size, weight, type of packing or crating, insurance, or customs requirements. Sellers are responsible for packing/crating costs.
  4. Upon receipt of artwork, the buyer has 48 hours to inspect and approve the purchase:
    • Open and inspect the artwork upon arrival.
    • Save all packing materials, crating or box.
    • Notify us with written approval immediately via email so that we may begin the payment process.

    Please recognize that we facilitate sales of artwork only. Frames are sometimes included as a courtesy to protect the work during the shipping process and artwork cannot be returned or rejected based on the condition of the frame. Frames are not calculated in the final sale price.

  5. Sellers are responsible for the accuracy of information, documentation, and price represented in each listing. Buyers are obligated to initiate and conduct due diligence prior to purchase. Many items are priced very competitively and are not subject to negotiation. Some listings are priced to invite offers at the discretion of the artist and Emillions Art.