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Today, we’ll look at how two world-renowned artists are forging a unique bond as they collaborate on a highly unique rendering of the Mona Lisa—a work that defies traditional art classifications. Can forgery transform into forging ahead and blazing new trails? But before we get into the story, we wanted to share the events that are happening here at Emillions Art.

We are flying high since the opening of Mystical Forces at the Salomon Arts Gallery in NYC! In our previous post, we cover this fantastic experience featuring six contemporary artists including Neo-Cubist, Alain Beraud and reputable sculptor, Shray.

And now this…

Andreas Nottebohm

Andreas Nottebohm

We are excited to herald the opening of the prestigious 2018 Palm Beach Jewelry Art & Antique Show, which includes works from these two wonderful, accomplished artists.

In addition to Beraud and Shray, we are thrilled to display four works by Andreas Nottebohm. This pioneer of artistic metalwork uses aluminum as his canvas, creating three-dimensional, luminous, otherworldly pieces. His exciting work creates a pseudo-holographic effect, swirling with mind-bending, vibrant color. He’s recognized as one of NASA’s resident artists. (Who knew NASA had artists-in-residence?)

A special feature.

Mona Lisa has even more secrets.

Now, back to forgery. When you turn the corner at Booth 918, the Emillions Art space will showcase a singular work of a different perspective. Can that possibly be the Mona Lisa, but with a speck of something in her eternally mysterious gaze? The Secret In The Eye is a collaboration between micro-sculptor Willard Wigan and the artist and infamous forger, John Myatt. Wigan, who creates miniature paintings the size of a match head—using the hair of a fly—set his micro-rendering of the Mona Lisa in the left eye of Myatt’s master forgery of the original masterpiece.

What’s so fascinating and provocative about this unusual work is the question — when does a forgery become an original?  Through this unique collaboration, we have the experience of wondering if a feature the size of the head of a match can transform what was once ostracized and rejected as illegal into a contemporary tryst with genius.

So many reasons to enjoy the show!

You can also forge a new relationship with modern masters when you visit the Emillions Art booth #918. Also on display are authentic 20th century masterworks from extraordinary photographers Annie Leibovitz, Herman Leonard, Ansel Adams, Brett Weston and Robert Mapplethorpe. There will also be signed Yoko Ono piece on display!

Wigan’s detail.

The excitement and energy surrounding the 2018 Palm Beach Jewelry Art & Antique Show is undeniable. We are beyond ecstatic to share a selection of our unique collection of wonderful works with all who attend!