Sell Art

Our expert art dealers have the right resources to sell fine art online.

Emillions Art is designed to make selling art a seamless and secure process. We sell artwork in several ways: online, via our gallery network, private sales with interested collectors, at art events and shows, or through requested private viewings.

We believe as much information as possible provided by the artist assists greatly in both presentation and generating potential sales. With brilliant images, detailed artist information, and clear documentation, we create an online presence for both the artist and his/her work on our website and on several social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter and others.

Periodically, we create print collateral—exhibition catalogs, advertisements, sales kits, and brochures—to expose and promote the artists we represent. In addition we often profile artists through spotlight articles in various reputable art publications.

We welcome dealers, galleries, and private collectors to list with us.

We offer real risk-free exposure.

With 75% of our transactions involving a buyer or seller outside the United States, we make every effort to broaden our scope for international sales. We promote artwork via our website, seven social media platforms, exclusive email campaigns, and through our Emillions Art blog. Google indexes our website frequently and our site ranks very high for artist and title searches, giving artist listings greater international exposure while highlighting each unique work. In addition, we arrange private viewings for qualified buyers and sellers of original old masters, postwar, and impressionist paintings and sculpture priced at $500,000 or more.

Contracts for selling art with Emillions.

All curated artists enter a contractual agreement with Emillions Art. Upon approval of your submitted work, we will provide various contractual options to fit your needs, including collaboration within our network of galleries and art event participation.

Shipping artwork for the sale of your art.

Sellers are responsible for all packing and crating costs. Buyers are responsible for all shipping and insurance costs, as well as applicable customs charges or VATs. Visit our Shipping FAQ section for more information.

Listing your art with Emillions Art.

By listing with Emillions Art, the artist agrees to the terms of the Emillions Art negotiated contract. The artist retains the right to sell his/her art privately during the time period outlined in the contract. For best results, we recommend listing artwork exclusively with Emillions Art until the point of sale. Emillions Art does not assist with pricing due to legal reasons.

How Emillions operates as an Art Consultant.

  1. When a buyer purchases, or makes an offer or inquiry, our staff will contact you via email or phone. We monitor incoming offers and inquiries 7 days a week and will notify you immediately of a potential sale. Please be sure we have your current contact information.
  2. Our sales associates will work with both parties to facilitate the sale smoothly and efficiently. When a price has been mutually agreed upon, Emillions Art will collect and secure funds from the buyer. Funds will remain in escrow until buyer has received and approved the artwork. We will then assist the seller with packing and shipping the art piece. Each transaction is unique and will be handled personally by one of our experienced sales associates.
  3. Buyers are requested to open and inspect the artwork immediately upon receipt. When the buyer has approved the purchase, Emillions Art will release funds to the seller within 28 business days.

Officially, Emillions Art acts as an Art Consultant often times parallelling the role of “Art Dealer”. We are not Art Brokers, rather we work with both buyers and sellers to further their art goals.