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Art Insurance

For Collectors, Builders & Inheritors.

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Emillions Art is a Global Fine Art Consultancy providing Fine Art Asset Management. By providing our clients with up to date market insights, industry trends and the connections they want, we secure work that best suits their goal. Emillions Art has curated a global asset network that has served our clients well in their efforts to build collections, procure art, and diversify their portfolios.


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Fine Art Mgmt

Art Services


Specialists in this field to provide you with a detailed analysis of the work and the corroboration of certificates of authenticity.


Removal of surface dirt, varnish, consolidation, structural treatments, filling and retouching of losses.

Document ation

Art history, the materials and technology used to create it, and the effects this documentation may have on the artwork.


We contract with specialists in this field to provide you with technical analysis, which can include authentication of the pigments and materials used.


We employ several strategies to facilitate and document artwork.

Historical Research

We contract with specialists in this field to help provide services.


We have close relationships with several art attorneys whom we can refer you to, depending upon your situation.


Trusted shipping agents to securely package, ship and deliver artwork to your destination.