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If you’ve been following our social media channels, you’ve seen us talking about accidental art. This above, is a snow-covered fence in Terschelling, The Netherlands.

Car Wash Bubbles

We’ve had a few inquiries and so, we thought this might be a great time to explain and introduce the concept.

Life often presents us with moments — a wrinkle in the continuum of musts and have-tos and hurry-up-and-waits. The universe, for a moment, stops expanding —everything pauses — and suddenly you see it: the beautiful coincidence.

Wild art, or accidental art, as it’s become known, is best explained by this series of images  and this series published on the boredpanda blog. Here you’ll find beautiful renderings, crafted as if on purpose, by nature and the incidences of everyday life.

Have you ever seen an example of accidental art? We’re sure you have! The real question is — are you learning to tune your receiver to listen to those art frequencies when they come?

Oranges against glass in a greenhouse

It’s not easy.

There are tremendous pressures, schedules, responsibilities — all pushing down on our creative brain. But we know we will find life and vigor and renewed energy when we take time to pause and appreciate that wonderful work of wild art. It’s an absolute must with today’s fast pace of living.

So, here is your homework. When you find those works of accident art, capture them. Snap a picture and share with us on instagram @emillionsart or on Facebook. We can’t wait to see what your marvelous sense of curation and appreciation beholds in this painting in which we live!



Sunlight reflected in a broken mirror

Watercolor at the bottom of a vase