Art Collectors

Emillions Art cultivates an engaged clientele pursuing specific artwork for considerable collections.

We are a nimble, boutique art consulting firm specializing in bringing the world of contemporary art and masterworks to interested and ambitious collectors.

Emillions Art believes in providing a high standard of individualized service from the start of an acquisition to beyond, always keeping the collector’s interests in mind. Our collectors and patrons deserve white-glove service and the high level of professionalism required by luxury art collectors.

If you are interested in adding to your art collection, or want to know how Emillions Art can serve you in collecting art, contact us today.

How to start collecting art.

Anyone with an interest in art can become an informed collector. With a little guidance and time learning how to assess your tastes, the available art, and the caprices of the art market, collecting art can be a widely pleasurable pursuit.

To familiarize yourself with as much art as possible, be where the art is. Go to galleries, art fairs, museums, art events. Of course, a multitude of virtual galleries exist online to broaden your search to worldwide sources. Join mailing lists of galleries so you can be attuned to the artists they represent and art genres they curate.

Find the genres of art that appeal to you: realism, impressionism, abstract, pop, classicism, surrealism, contemporary. Consider the medium: do the vividness of oils catch your eye? Are you drawn to black-and-white photography or mixed media works?

Now, get to know the artists whose work engages you. Research the artist’s background, biography, exhibition list, press clippings, awards received. The more mentions in publications and the longer the career, the better to establish the artist’s relevance in the art world. Get a sense of the price previous works by the same artist have sold for. This due diligence will give you an idea of where the artist is in his/her career and if their work has been collected or as risen in value over time.

The friendly staff at Emillions Art can help you get started on your art collecting journey. We offer art advisory and personal curatorial services for all of your art needs, whether it’s your first painting for your first home or you’re planning to expand an existing collection. Armed with a solid knowledge of the artwork and artist under consideration, you can feel assured that you’ve made an informed purchase that will bring you enjoyment for years to come.

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