Ricardo Jorge Reis

Portuguese photographer, Ricardo Jorge Reis, channels different places and times through his black-and-white photographs. Armed with his Canon EOS, he takes the viewer on a spiritual tour of his favorite cities, London and Lisbon. Because he spends the same amount of time working in 35mm film as he does with digital technology, his perspective has a welcome graininess that calls to mind the vision of Henri Cartier-Bresson, with a focus on the urban and restless city and the souls that dwell within. Reis’ work is vaguely Truffauvian: a boy, verging on adolescence, warily glancing at the camera recalls the last frames of a lone boy on the precipice of a vast world at the end of 400 Blows. There’s a 60s realism apparent in Reis’ vision that appears fresh and reimagined for the 21st century.

“Photography is the most realistic representation of the art mediums and I wanted to mix it up, to blend the surreal, the dream world with the real. I started noticing that even if there were many people looking at the same thing as I was, they weren’t seeing what I was seeing, and honestly, I love the challenge of being able to put on paper the ideas and surreal world that is mine,” observes Reis.

Reis aspired to be a photographer recording the ravages of war, but found it difficult to break into the field. He began photographing the Portuguese newspapers and journals and very quickly obtained assignments to shoot for major news outlets in Portugal. Next came runway and fashion photography. However, Reis found himself drawn more to the backstage than to the spectacle of the runway. He found he had more freedom to capture what he wanted and could create visuals apart from what the other photographers had. An avid follower of music, Reis also has shot for music album covers and is a music video cinematographer and director. His photographs have been exhibited in various galleries in Portugal and in Europe as well as in numerous publications. Reis lives in Lisbon.




January 2018 | Group exhibition of photography, DST Emergentes Gallery, Braga, Portugal

November, 2017 | Auction for AMI Foundation, Porto, Portugal

September 2017 | MUPIS Exhibition, Lisbon, Portugal

Selected Artist, Artists You Should Know, 2016/2017, Artfinder Catalogue

2015 | Juror’s Choice, Shair Project

Summer 2015 | Exhibition, DST Emergentes Gallery, Braga, Portugal

July-August 2014 | Exhibition, Life-Framer Menier Gallery, London, UK

2014 | Juror’s Choice, Shair Project

2013 | Juror’s Choice, Dark Room Gallery Faces Competition

2013 | Special Recognition in Photography and Digital Category; Light, Space & Time Online Gallery

2009 | Best Black & White Portfolio Competition, Merit Award, B/W Magazine New York



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Ricardo Jorge Reis