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Emerging Master Artist

Andreas Nottebohm

A key pioneer of metal art, Andreas Nottebohm uses aluminum as his canvas, creating three-dimensional, luminous, otherworldly pieces. His singular pieces drew the attention of NASA, which commissioned major works from Nottebohm for the Columbia space shuttle launch in 1981. Nottebohm collaborates on special projects with Hughes Aircraft, Geico, iSearch Media, and has had his work featured on the Stephen Hawking documentary, A Brief History of Time. No other artist bridges art, space, and technology with such a singular vision. Born in what was then East Germany in 1944, Nottebohm has lived all over the United States, including the San Francisco Bay Area and Dallas, TX. His work has been widely exhibited in Germany, the United States, Australia and Brazil in over 100 solo shows, and is included in the permanent exhibitions of the Crocker Art Museum in California, the Nevada Museum of Art, and the Air and Space Museum of the Smithsonian Institution.