For Buyers and Customers

Help for Buyers and Customers


How will my purchased artwork be shipped to me?

As the buyer, you will be charged for the shipment of the item. We will properly crate or pack the purchased artwork and determine the best courier or shipper for your needs. Upon request, we can arrange to have professional hangers hang your work for an additional fee.

When will I receive the artwork?

Artwork is typically shipped 7-10 days after funds from the buyer have cleared escrow. Once shipped, the artwork could take up to 14 days to arrive, depending on the selected shipping method and your location. Emillions Art uses bonded carriers who specialize in the shipping and freighting of artwork, but may also use Fedex, UPS, and other standard carriers depending on the size of the artwork, its fair-market value, specific freighting requirements of the piece (i.e., temperature-controlled), and the recipient address and destination.

How is shipping calculated?

Artwork is sent only by professionally bonded and insured carrier secured by Emillions Art, LLC. Buyers are responsible for all costs relating to shipping, insurance, artwork, customs/VAT taxes.

For sales completed through the Buy Now feature, the shipping will be calculated after the transaction has been processed. Crating and shipping requirements vary from piece to piece. Emillions Art, LLC can offer more accurate pricing by determining packaging needs and shipping destination once the sale has been completed. Emillions Art uses bonded carriers who specialize in the shipping and freighting of artwork, but may also use Fedex, UPS, and other standard carriers depending on the size of the artwork, its fair-market value, specific freighting requirements of the piece (i.e., temperature-controlled), and the recipient address and destination.

Please contact one of our Art Consultants via the “Make an Offer” or “Request Concierge Service” features and they will calculate shipping charges for you including insurance, customs and supplemental taxes.

*You should expect to see two transactions—the artwork price and the shipping price—on your electronic receipt.

How do I track the art shipment after purchase?

Our courier and shipper will provide you with a tracking number to track your art shipment.

Can I cancel an order prior to shipment?

You may cancel an online order within 48 hours of submitting the order. If you need to cancel after 48 hours, but prior to shipment, the cancellation will require a 5% restocking fee to pay for packaging of the artwork that occurs within the processing window between submitting an order shipping. Please contact Emillions Art directly at (239) 687-3101 or for any cancellations.

Receipt and Returns

What do I do when I receive the artwork?

Buyers have 48 hours to inspect and approve their purchase. We ask that you take photos of the original box/package/crate prior to opening. Please take photos of the following:

  • unopened box/package/crate that contains the artwork
  • wrapped artwork after the external containers are removed
  • unwrapped artwork, front/back sides

Buyers must open and inspect artwork immediately upon receipt and notify us of approval via email at In your approval notification, please include photos of the image in its original packaging, then unwrapped and take photos of the front of the work and the back. When you inspect the work received, check the front of the image, the back, and the edges to ensure all is undamaged and as intended by the artist. Frames are often included as a courtesy to protect the work during the shipping and transportation process, but are not considered part of the final sale price. Therefore, frames are not grounds upon which a buyer may reject a transaction and return a purchased artwork.

What if I need to return an artwork I purchased?

We understand that sometimes a purchase is not what is expected or does not work as intended within your space. Emillions Art will accept returns within 3 days of receipt of artwork with a 5% restocking fee of the final price of the artwork. You are responsible for the return shipping fees, including insurance fees. For orders shipped outside of the United States, you are responsible for the cost of the return shipping, including any customs fees charged. Commissions are not returnable. Art that is returned damaged will not be refunded. All return requests will be reviewed and subject to approval by Emillions Art.
*This policy applies to contemporary artwork only.

What if I receive a damaged piece of artwork?

We take the utmost care when packaging, crating, and shipping artwork to ensure that artwork is secure enough to be shipped damage-free. In the event that unforeseen damage occurs during the shipping process, please contact us within 24 hours of receipt of shipment by calling (239) 687-3101 or emailing Please save all packing material, original carton, box, or crate. Please take photos of (1) the unopened package, box, or crate; (2) the wrapped artwork; and then lastly, (3) the unwrapped artwork, including photos of front and back. This documentation will be used to process a claim.

How do I return the artwork?

Returned artwork is subject to a 5% restocking fee of the final sale price and insurance costs. Please save all packing material and containers, and repack the artwork in its original box. Please contact us at (239) 687-3101 for our preferred shipper list. You are responsible for shipping costs of returned items. Any art that is returned damaged will not be eligible for a refund. Items must be shipped within 3 days of receipt.

Will my artwork arrive ready to hang?

Depending on the piece of artwork you purchase, some pieces are already framed and ready-to-hang. Most of the artwork on our site is unframed, and would require framing and hanging at the discretion of the buyer.


Do artists do commissions?

Each artist will accept commissions on a case-by-case basis. The pricing of a commissioned piece will depend on size and materials used, complexity, and the artist’s sales history of previous works sold. Prices for commissioned artwork are usually higher than the artist’s displayed work due to the consultation time, preliminary sketches, and time taken from the artist’s usual practice. Commissioned works require 50% non-refundable deposit after approval of the final sketches. The remaining 50% (including shipping costs) is due upon approval of the final work which will be reviewed as a high-resolution image. When all funds clear our financial institution, Emillions Art will ship the artwork to you via a professionally bonded and insured carrier.

How long does it take to complete a commission?

The time it takes to complete a commission varies depending on size, materials used, and the artist’s schedule. Typically, a commission will take 10-12 weeks to complete.

Can I return an art piece I commissioned?

Commissioned artworks are not returnable.

Can I contact the artist directly while they create the commission?

Emillions Art will arrange an initial consultation for the commission where you can share your idea and needs with the artist. We will update you periodically on the progress of the piece and can convey any questions you may have to the artist. We will be happy to arrange any meetings during the progress of the commission between you and the artist.


What is a certificate of authenticity?

The certificate of authenticity certifies that the artwork is created by the artist. This document contains the name of the work, the date, the edition type (if any), print method (if any), any other descriptors, the artist’s signature, and may include the location of where the painting was first installed.

What is a bill of sale?

The bill of sale is a record of a transaction between the seller and buyer. The bill of sale is an invoice that lists the work being purchased, the price, services provided, and required taxes. Other services may also be listed, including shipping or framing charges.

What is an appraisal?

An appraisal should be conducted by an experienced art appraiser, preferably one whose expertise is in the genre of the artwork in question (i.e. a specialist in pre-Columbian art would be the best appraiser for your the pre-Columbian piece under consideration). A good appraiser will do a fair amount of research to accurately appraise the value of the artwork in comparison with similar pieces that have previously sold, what is out in the marketplace, what is up for auction, etc. The appraiser will present you with documentation stating the appraised value of the artwork. Appraisers do charge fees for their services.

Using our Website

How do I narrow my search for artwork?

On the Emillions Art site, you can search via the genre of the artwork (e.g. Impressionism, Sculpture, Contemporary); the medium (e.g. oil, watercolor, acrylic); or the artist.

Can I contact the artists directly?

The Emillions Art staff will be glad to answer any questions directly or facilitate any questions to the artist. For commissioned pieces, Emillions Art will facilitate meetings between you and the artist to ensure your clear transmission of your idea and needs. The Emillions staff can be reached at (239) 687-3101 or emailing

Buying Art

What does “Make an Offer” mean?

Various artworks on the Emillions site allow customers to make us a reasonable offer via the “Make An Offer” button. This feature gives you the opportunity to consider a purchase price that will work for both buyer and seller.

If my offer is accepted, do I have to go through with the purchase?

If your offer is accepted by Emillions Art, in conjunction with the artist, it is not an obligation to buy the artwork(s). The accepted offer will stand for 3 business days at which time you can decide whether or not you’d like continue with the purchase. Offers are invalid after 3 days and are non-transferable. If you would like to purchase the work at a later date and the work is still available, a new offer would have to be made and considered by Emillions Art and the artist.

Can I reserve artwork I’m considering to purchase?

We do not reserve works below $10,000. Contact us directly at (239) 687-3101 to request placement of works on reserve.


What forms of payment does Emillions Art accept?

We accept VISA, American Express, Mastercard, Discover, cashier’s checks and wire transfers. Appropriate taxes and fees are applied. (ie. state, VAT,customs)

Do you offer payment plans for artwork?

Emillions Art does not offer a financing plan at this time.