The Artist at Work

The mental landscape of an artist is a wonderfully mysterious place to explore. In this blog, we take a light, wistful stroll through the process of various types of artisans to grasp at a better understanding of how the art we love is created. The Painter The artist at work is a curious study. She […]

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The Essence of Art

In this article, we will conclude our look at bronze sculptor, Shray. In our last post, we discovered that Shray is a woman of immeasurable curiosity and depth of introspection. Now, enjoy the rest of this look inside the mind and heart of a storied creator. “The essence of art is the control of line […]

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The Astronauts of Fine Art

Part 1 of two illuminating conversations with contemporary sculptor, Shray. Read Part 2 here. Fine artist and sculptor Shray is a woman of immeasurable emotional depth, and at the same time, ideas that soar to dizzying heights. She is a prophet of the insightful and profound. On almost any topic she sails through conversation with […]

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