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Art Can’t Become Precious

In order for an artist to sustain creative output and maximize artistic flow, there must be a continual letting go of the work. Otherwise, the work becomes the very thing that stops new work. Let’s explore the idea together! Truly great artists aren’t captives of their own ideas. What does this mean? Well, simply put, it means an artist cannot afford to be caught managing the aftermath of the creative process. As artists, the job is to observe, contemplate, distill and the execute. But now, more than ever, there is an alluring trap which calls the artist to watch as their work enters the world — to see the joy or pain in the beholders’ eyes. It follows that they […]

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It’s Not Too Late: A New Year’s Resolution

With the new year suddenly upon us and stretching out before us with a million possibilities, Emillions Art asks an important question — and humbly submits that perhaps our readers should ask a similar one. As I reflected on the year, I began to realize there were far more instances, situations and circumstances contributing to my personal growth than I first realized. But a big one and I must admit, a surprising one, was this little project I started: keeping a book. What is that? I’m glad you asked. My book is, simply put, hardbound memories. Call it a journal, call it a scrapbook, call it a photo album — but my book is a way to look at what […]

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Larry Aarons: International Man of Intrigue

A conversation with Larry Aarons immediately reveals the visage of humility and grace, peppered to the soles with a feistiness that only an youth spent in the Bronx could produce. While Larry is adept at describing his adventures and achievements, one doesn’t feel a sense of self-aggrandizement. In fact, there seems to be few, if any, egocentric currents beneath the waves of the sea that is Larry’s artist heart. Generous in conversation, inclusive even in his story telling, he is quick to take a person on a joyride of his life’s history — as well as his new endeavors. Speaking of joyriding, it doesn’t take long for Larry to weave into the narrative that he’s a lover and appreciator of […]

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Matthew Grayson Piazza San Marco

The Grand Return of the 15th Century Piazza San Marco

Artistry meets history in this fascinating look at Matthew Grayson’s new effort to bring a long-lost visage into the modern world.

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