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Unknown Treasures by Dario Campanile

What Meaning Does Art Have Now?

During these uncertain times, art may be more relevant than ever. To many of us — most of us — it is a time of unprecedented fear and uncertainty. Never in our lifetime have we experienced an event so dramatic and sweeping in its impact that it could unseat the very core of our daily lives. And, naturally, we wish to do everything within our power to flatten the curve, to do right by our fellow humans and acquiesce to the calls for distance, isolation, avoidance, caution, care and vigilance. But this course leaves us with a question: Where does beauty belong? Is there still a place for the abstract, the entrancingly grotesque, the figurative, the spirited? Can we still […]

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Art Can’t Become Precious

In order for an artist to sustain creative output and maximize artistic flow, there must be a continual letting go of the work. Otherwise, the work becomes the very thing that stops new work. Let’s explore the idea together! Truly great artists aren’t captives of their own ideas. What does this mean? Well, simply put, it means an artist cannot afford to be caught managing the aftermath of the creative process. As artists, the job is to observe, contemplate, distill and the execute. But now, more than ever, there is an alluring trap which calls the artist to watch as their work enters the world — to see the joy or pain in the beholders’ eyes. It follows that they […]

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The Art of Good Neighboring

There’s a movement afoot in our modern society — a movement toward civility. Toward friendliness. Toward the sharing of ideas and support. No? You may disagree… One might think, and justifiably so, based upon a sampling of pop headlines and poorly curated news feeds, that this bold claim is wildly off-base. Nevertheless, there is a growing body of evidence which supports the notion of good neighboring rebirthing itself in our national—and even global—social consciousness. All around us, in the midst of the mist and haze which sometimes comes to overthrow us — the fog of crumbling decency and basic human respect — all around us, there are new centers of thought, places of innovation, springs of fresh perspective and hopeful […]

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Happy Accidents

If you’ve been following our social media channels, you’ve seen us talking about accidental art. This above, is a snow-covered fence in Terschelling, The Netherlands. We’ve had a few inquiries and so, we thought this might be a great time to explain and introduce the concept. Life often presents us with moments — a wrinkle in the continuum of musts and have-tos and hurry-up-and-waits. The universe, for a moment, stops expanding —everything pauses — and suddenly you see it: the beautiful coincidence. Wild art, or accidental art, as it’s become known, is best explained by this series of images  and this series published on the boredpanda blog. Here you’ll find beautiful renderings, crafted as if on purpose, by nature and […]

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Through the Lens: A Brief Interview with Ricardo Jorge Reis

May is Photography month! Every year around this time, we at Emillions Art like to highlight a photographer and chat with them about fine art imagery and the creative process. This year’s installment features Portuguese artist, Ricardo Jorge Reis. If you take some time to peruse the portfolio of this unique and visionary artist, you’ll find yourself immersed in deeply thoughtful, layered exposures which draw you deep into a world somewhere between the real and the fantastic. The piece, A Day in London 21, is a prime example of the experience of viewing the world through Reis’ eyes. One can easily travel the distance between the renowned city’s most famous landmarks in the space of a few moments. The idea of […]

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An Art Student Study: Part 2

We wanted to take a look at art students and discover what motivates and excites them as they look ahead to a career in fine art. This is part 2 of a two-series blog. You can read Part 1 here. — When you think of an art student, what type of person comes to mind? Is there a classic profile of an individual to which your mind immediately goes? Everyone may have a different mental image regarding the modern artist. But to be sure, enrollment in visual and performing arts programs is greater than ever before, ranking in the top ten of bachelor’s degrees sought. Emillions Art believes the future of fine art is never in doubt, but always in […]

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Basquiat: Still Hot

Jean-Michel Basquiat still holds a few secrets even though the painter died at a very young and promising 27 in 1988. One of his untitled works, currently under private ownership, has just been through extensive scientific forensic analysis verifying that the materials and pigments are consistent with a date of origin of 1981, but that’s not all. Conservator Emily MacDonald-Korth found surprising fluorescent arrow designs on the canvas after she passed a black light over the artwork, which are consistent with Basquiat’s use of ultraviolet in other of his works. The notable discovery has been highlighted just last week on Artnet and in the Smithsonian’s SmartNews. Marlissa Gardner, of Emillions Art, has been greatly involved in this current Basquiat discovery. Gardner is […]

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