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Mystical Forces

Sometimes, the philosophical and the real meet in a certain space and time. With the eyes of curious seekers, we see the world as it could be, or as it is, or as it was. Sometimes, we catch a glimpse of the meaning of touch, light, thought, of feeling—of being—by looking at the visual expressions of skilled fine artists. This is one of those times. From January 25 to February 25, Emillions Art, in association with Salomon Arts, presents Mystical Forces, an exploration of the powers that influence moments and give them form and structure at the Tribeca gallery, Salomon Arts. Six artists delve into the space between hesitation and effect, giving this invisible plane form. French Neo-Cubist Alain Beraud, […]

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Watercolors: A Difficult Ease

Watercolor is such a universally accessible medium, yet it’s not often thought of as a fine art form. Indeed, when novices and appreciators new to fine art think about acquiring desirable pieces, watercolor may not come to mind. The implements of watercolor painting are so common and familiar to everyone, memories of such emanating from childhood, it seems that almost anyone could and has used them. One might be prone to think their accessibility diminishes their impact. That is, until you experience this common medium executed with uncommon precision and grace. While painting with watercolors may be an activity familiar to preschoolers, it’s an unbelievably difficult medium to master. Watercolor paints have a propensity for wandering off into unintended areas […]

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The passage of time dawns upon us once more. The new year hails like a precipice of possibility — towering, white cliffs of the hope that we can grow, things can change, the world can get better.  So, we set our resolutions. Many of us dutifully, if not cheerfully, choose a goal or two that will become the harbingers of self-improvement for the days, weeks and months to come. But what shall they be? If we may be so bold as to propose a new course to plot for you, our reader — we enthusiastically suggest taking up the pursuance of art appreciation as a wonderful way to gain new perspectives on the world. To become more than just a […]

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The Good Kind of Uncomfortable

In the world of fine art, adjectives such as bold, daring, brave, exciting and adventurous are celebrated and often touted as the marks of truly great work. We revel in the visual viscosity of colors that somehow both clash and complement. We stand, rapt and wrecked, before figures portrayed in emotional poses that send the tingle of memory deep into the soul — the taproot of our heart and mind. As the water line of our inner emotional state begins to rise, we are forced to process what we feel. See, truly great art reminds us of what we already deeply know. Great artists don’t hope to teach anything, only to create the chance for their viewers to experience a […]

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Holiday Gift Guide

As the venerable Frank Sinatra famously sang, it’s that time of year! The holiday season has us firmly in her merry grasp and we at Emillions Art fall willingly into the cavalcade of carols, deluge of decorations and glaciers of gift wrap. We are excited to present to you our brand new 2017 Emillions Art Holiday Gift Guide. How often have we all found ourselves at the intersection of gift shopping and buyer’s fatigue while we worry over those last few unique and thoughtful gifts to present to our precious loved ones? Worry no longer!   In collaboration with several of our esteemed artists, we are able to bring wonderful giclée canvases and prints to life in beautifully vibrant color for […]

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Travelers, Adventurers, Explorers, Lovers of Life

When you hear the term “hotel art” what image does your mind conjure? Are you immediately flooded with memories of significant works replete with emotional evocation? Do you think of provocative lines and subtle palate choices? Do you recall that feeling of a quickened heart rate as you take in the sheer daring of artistic approach? Or maybe not…. All too often, the art we see in the spaces and places that serve as our homes away from home are so utterly forgettable—nothing described above rings true. Why? Why do we live in a world where the fear that our choices in bold, fantastic art will say something wrong shuttles us into the shoals of mediocre works in corporatism that […]

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New Expressions of a Long-Dormant Art Form

Part 2 of two-part series. Read Part 1 here. “In the history of art, Cubism has always been a particular artistic current. The creators of cubism, Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso and the other masters of Cubism, lived in a period that was rich in encounters. They met with great intellectuals, writers, thinkers and philosophers. These encounters influenced their research on Cubism.” These musings on the origins and progression come from the mind of the contemporary Cubism revivalist, Alain Beraud. His reach in the fine art world ever expanding, he graciously took some time to break down the now under-explored medium that transformed artistic expression in the early 20th century. Of the early masters and their work, Alain is reverent. […]

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Millennials, Investments and Fine Art: A Blank Canvas

There is so much being written about millennial attitudes and influences—especially when it comes to investing in fine art. We thought it would be fun to share the Emillions perspective on what it means to become a fine art appreciator and collector.

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Marlissa Gardner of Emillions Art

How to Buy Art: The Benefits Of Working With An Art Consultant

Art collecting is an endeavor available to more and more interested buyers as online art galleries have increased access to viewing, selling, and collecting art.
Even with art sales a part of the digital space, brick-and-mortar galleries are still the best way for artists to get exposure and sales. In this expansive world of art collecting, art consultants are experienced navigators guiding the art collector to trending artists, available masterworks, reputable galleries, art experts and specific art fairs and events. Read more to learn about how art consultants can leverage their expertise, experience, and connections to find artwork that meets your specific and unique needs.

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Buy The Art You Love With Confidence: Tips For New Art Collectors

At Emillions Art, we believe anyone can buy art and begin collecting with confidence. If you’re interested in collecting art but not sure how to go about starting a collection, this post is for you. We explain how to build a collection that you’ll love and that will offer a solid opportunity toward investment.

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