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It’s Official!

Emillions Art’s official launch kicks off with a major art opening on January 16th in its new Naples show space! The contemporary art opening features a unique mix of regional, national and international artists. Look out for work such sought-after artists like Jim Salvati, Joan Sonnenberg, Jane Peccarelli, Layla Love, Chuck Mardosz, Robert Indiana, Don Gummer, Shray, and many more. Official Grand Opening Emillions Art Show Space Reception: January 16, 2020, 5:30-7:30pm Public Exhibition: January 17 – February 3 837 Fifth Ave. S. 2nd Fl Naples, FL 34102

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ART + Design

Very exciting news! EMILLIONS ART will host ART & Design, an event to introduce the Emillions Art Fifth Avenue show space to the region’s top designers, contractors, developers and architects. The two-day event takes place November 6-7 at Emillions Art, 5thAvenue South’s new global resource for contemporary art. ART & Design commemorates the grand opening of the Emillions Art Show Space in a series of art openings throughout the fall of 2019 and the winter of 2020 to engage various segments of the Naples arts community, including collectors, collaborators, corporate entities, investors, patrons, and art enthusiasts. The official grand opening for the EMILLIONS ART Show Space will take place in January 2020 with a regional-wide event to launch all facets […]

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The Art of Good Neighboring

There’s a movement afoot in our modern society — a movement toward civility. Toward friendliness. Toward the sharing of ideas and support. No? You may disagree… One might think, and justifiably so, based upon a sampling of pop headlines and poorly curated news feeds, that this bold claim is wildly off-base. Nevertheless, there is a growing body of evidence which supports the notion of good neighboring rebirthing itself in our national—and even global—social consciousness. All around us, in the midst of the mist and haze which sometimes comes to overthrow us — the fog of crumbling decency and basic human respect — all around us, there are new centers of thought, places of innovation, springs of fresh perspective and hopeful […]

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Photo Basel

Photo Basel is Switzerland’s first and only international art fair dedicated to photographic art. The week-long fair brings together galleries from around the world in a unique, authentic setting. For its collectors, visitors or buyers – Photo Basel is an active platform that fosters the dialog between all facets of the photography community and beyond. Photo Basel takes place during Art Basel week, a mere 700 meters from the Art Basel fairgrounds.

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Art Is What Curiosity Looks Like

A Brief History of Jeffrey A. Dering This is Part 1 of a multiple part series. You can read Part 2 here. In every artist’s story, there are series of leaps, pauses — steps forward, backward and off to one side. Growth and exploration of one’s bent is rarely, if ever, up-and-to-the-right. It’s the gift of being an objective observer to be spared the pain, intrigue, guttural fear and sheer, desperate hope of these rises and falls. But for the artist — the one on the visceral roller coaster ride of journeying simultaneously inward and outward — there is no space of separation, no gap, no relief. For every artist who seems self-assuredly positioned in the “known” category, enjoying a […]

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Jeffrey A. Dering, Desert Stallion

The Burgeoning Art Investor

We love to hear stories of art collectors in bloom — and we hear plenty! But we also know that a review of some basic tips when starting your art collecting journey are always welcomed! At Emillions Art, we know many of our readers are intrigued by the thought of investing in fine art but don’t know the pitfalls, the tips and tricks to getting started. While the variables are many, the biggest thing to remember is, if you love the piece you’re looking at, it’s hard to go wrong. Even so, here are our top six tips to remember when starting your investment art collection. Know what you love and why you love it You know you. You know […]

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Basquiat: Still Hot

Jean-Michel Basquiat still holds a few secrets even though the painter died at a very young and promising 27 in 1988. One of his untitled works, currently under private ownership, has just been through extensive scientific forensic analysis verifying that the materials and pigments are consistent with a date of origin of 1981, but that’s not all. Conservator Emily MacDonald-Korth found surprising fluorescent arrow designs on the canvas after she passed a black light over the artwork, which are consistent with Basquiat’s use of ultraviolet in other of his works. The notable discovery has been highlighted just last week on Artnet and in the Smithsonian’s SmartNews. Marlissa Gardner, of Emillions Art, has been greatly involved in this current Basquiat discovery. Gardner is […]

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Just In Time for the Holidays!

Holiday Gift Guide 2018 Holiday time!! Visions of decked-out trees, predictions of snow, vintage television specials and Rat Pack classics fill the internet and the airwaves. These are the beloved trappings of our favorite holiday. Chances are, you’re in the throes of gift hunting for all those important folks on your list. At this point in the season, as you whittle away at the menagerie of friends and relatives on that list, it’s likely you’ve saved the most difficult ones for last. Year after year, you wring your hands, hoping to offer up a delightfully unexpected gift. It’s an unassailable truth — the older we get, the more difficult we are to surprise. Gifts don’t hold the same promise of […]

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Does Art Stop You in Your Tracks?

You’ve been in that moment. You’ve felt those vibes. You are perusing the walls of a perfectly curated gallery and then, like lightning, it hits you. THAT piece. The one that changes everything for you. Do you remember which it was? One of the richest springs to bloom is the one that thaws the jaded parts of the heart that’s seen it all. Nothing can surprise a soul like that. That is, until the magic of an artist’s vision, in an unexpected moment of openness, vulnerability — or that of a mind listing lazily like an un-rowed boat — gently reminds us that we are human. Art can wake us up. The narrative of time seems to trend toward weary […]

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Forging A Relationship

Today, we’ll look at how two world-renowned artists are forging a unique bond as they collaborate on a highly unique rendering of the Mona Lisa—a work that defies traditional art classifications. Can forgery transform into forging ahead and blazing new trails? But before we get into the story, we wanted to share the events that are happening here at Emillions Art. We are flying high since the opening of Mystical Forces at the Salomon Arts Gallery in NYC! In our previous post, we cover this fantastic experience featuring six contemporary artists including Neo-Cubist, Alain Beraud and reputable sculptor, Shray. And now this… We are excited to herald the opening of the prestigious 2018 Palm Beach Jewelry Art & Antique Show, […]

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