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Oceano by Dario Campanile

Emillions Art is proud to present a collection of paintings by world renowned contemporary master artist Dario Campanile.

Emillions Art presents a 10-day solo show of contemporary master artist Dario Campanile’s abstract expressionism, spiritual surrealism, landscapes, seascapes, florals, oil on metals and contemporary artwork, February 18-28, 2022 in the 2nd floor location at 837 5th Avenue South in Naples, Fla.

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Is Art An Asset or An Investment?

Emillions Art explores how art investment changes with time and why the rise in NFTs is meaningful today in a new exhibition Is Art An Asset or An Investment? displaying more than two dozen spectacular representations and original paintings by Old Masters, Modern Masters, Contemporary Masters and NFTs, the latest trend in cryptocurrency investment.

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Tango by Arcade Latour

When it comes to contemporary art for sale, good things come in threes.

Emillions Art welcomes three new diverse contemporary artists to its global art consultancy, online art gallery and showroom bringing cutting-edge styles from oil painter James P. Kerr’s unique combination of impressionism and abstract expressionism, Canadian abstract painter Arcade Latour’s intensely colored landscapes using age-old printer’s ink and Los Angeles-based artist Todd Williamson’s large-scale abstract oil paintings.

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Journey through Time

Female-inspired art featured in Emillions Art’s new exhibition, Journey through Time

Emillions Art summer exhibition is a curated collection of 45 artworks by 14 prominent artists in an art gallery setting. Journey through Time is open for public viewing at the Emillions Art showroom and headquarters, Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. and by appointment, June 22nd through September 15th.

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Twilight by Dario Campanile

Corporate art collections are more than an amenity.

While Emillions Art works closely with collectors as an art consultant, we recently launched a hospitality division dedicated to developing artistic space in corporate and hospitality settings with works by notable national and international artists.

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Emillions Art celebrates the blossoming of spring April 9-May 11 with the Emillions Art Spring Collection.

The Emillions Art Spring Collection celebrates the diversity of life and art with an exhibition reflecting a wide range of styles and media from contemporary artists. The Emillions Art showroom will display paintings, photography, sculpture and mixed media artwork from April 9 through May 11, 10 am.-5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

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Gemstones by Patrice Rouge

Emillions Art is pleased to represent the French artist, Patrice Rouge.

Art has always been his passion and a medium for his expression. His family encouraged his artistic instincts while he attended art school as a teenager. After completing his studies, Patrice was eager to travel and spent a brief and impressionable 6 months in Arizona. Aspects of the Southwestern color palette remain ingrained in his paintings to this day. Next, he traveled to Brazil, where he decided to stay and pursue a career as a diamond trader. Patrice’s artistic instincts have remained with him throughout his life. His ability to absorb and catalog the rich colors and exotic grandeur of the Amazon, as well as the dynamic blue skies of Arizona and the Southwest, are manifested in his paintings today. […]

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Tulip by Joan Sonnenberg

How to buy abstract art online.

You have many options to choose from when looking to buy abstract art which represents your unique aesthetic. Emillions Art can help buyers by guiding them to works that perfectly fit their needs — creations which stir the soul.

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Aromatic by Jane Peccarelli

How modern healthcare is waking up to the power of fine art for hospitals.

Art in hospitals has been ubiquitously cliché, but there are new movements that seek to change that reality. For years, science has been looking for ways to use the healing power of art. Emillions Art is a perfect fit for such an undertaking. With a worldwide network of artists and brokers, we offer an unparalleled perspective.

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Unknown Treasures by Dario Campanile

What Meaning Does Art Have Now?

During these uncertain times, art may be more relevant than ever. To many of us — most of us — it is a time of unprecedented fear and uncertainty. Never in our lifetime have we experienced an event so dramatic and sweeping in its impact that it could unseat the very core of our daily lives. And, naturally, we wish to do everything within our power to flatten the curve, to do right by our fellow humans and acquiesce to the calls for distance, isolation, avoidance, caution, care and vigilance. But this course leaves us with a question: Where does beauty belong? Is there still a place for the abstract, the entrancingly grotesque, the figurative, the spirited? Can we still […]

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