The Fullest Bloom Black, White & Tiffany Blue

The Fullest Bloom Black, White & Tiffany Blue

Layla Love

The Fullest Bloom Black, White & Tiffany Blue was created for Tiffany & Co. in Paris and London. Derived from The Fullest Bloom New York edition, Love chose to tint only four of the leaves, allowing the iconic color to pop against the backdrop of the otherwise black & white image. In a world that is fully saturated, sometimes less is more. This image is an ode to minimalism while still embracing the accent of color that makes it all worth living.

Original Print

Black & White photography tinted, 2018

Printed on waterproof metal or metallic photographic paper

Custom commissioned sizes available


48 x 70 in. (122 x 178 cm.)


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About Layla Love

Layla Love’s art aims to illuminate the human consciousness. She captures life as a series of adventures and expeditions into the unknown, returning always with a greater sense of what it means to be human. Having been in both foreign prisons and royal palaces she has learned to employ the power of creative force to transcend. Her intention is to illuminate and reveal in the hopes of igniting a spark of activation. After studying journalism and global communications at Richmond International University in London she realized that visual imagery has the greatest impact in our modern communication process., At 21, she began a five-year photojournalism tour to war-torn and compromised region with a focus on the plight of women. Love […]

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