Sync Or Swim

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Sync Or Swim

Marti Koehler

Oil on Wood, Framed
(FIGURATIVE, SWIMMING SERIES) “Sync or Swim” is an image of 8 synchronized swimmers holding a circular pattern on the surface of the water. I was inspired to paint this image since I saw it as a metaphor for human behavior and relationships. Although on the surface the swimmers have smiling faces, along with that facade is a gentle tension required to hold the position. The opposing energies at work, to me, is a representation of how many of us reveal an outward appearance of tranquility, while holding an inner tension as we try to maintain a grip on so many things required of us by society, our families, or ourselves. It seems that we are all obligated to have jobs, to make money, to buy food, to pay for shelter, to maintain relationships, to grow as people, to find inner peace, and the list goes on. It can be overwhelming to think of all of the individual tasks that we do daily, while still maintaining our personal integrity and our “pose”.

19 x 25 in. (48.26 x 63.50 cm.)