Swimming Pig

Swimming Pig

Mara Sfara

How the pigs ended up on Big Major Cay in the Bahamas is a mystery, but 20 pigs and piglets swim in the crystal clear waters and seem happy to be visited by boat tours full of delighted tourists.

One of three in Sfara’s swine series.

Oil on linen


18 x 24 in. (46 x 61 cm.)



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About Mara Sfara

Mara Sfara is a representational painter and a contemporary sculptor, multi sensory kinetic artist and artistic jeweler. Her kinetic sculptures blend traditional artwork with new media creating her own unique fantasy worlds. Sfara’s whimsical Greek mythological bronze sculptures convey a range of moods, humor, and attitudes with which her audience can readily identify. Her positive nature is reflected in her art, in her use of vivid colors, objects and quixotic, idyllic serene landscapes. Sfara’s works reveal stories of human relationships to the self, others and the universe. She studied English, Film Criticism and Fine Arts at the undergraduate level and obtained her Master’s in Art from New York University. Sfara’s paintings and sculptures are regularly exhibited in museums and galleries […]

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