Prairie Colors

Prairie Colors

Dennis Sabo

I love the soft abstract feel and emotion of a commonplace occurrence.  Prairie Colors is the result of countless (hundreds) images of a springtime agricultural field until I felt that I got it right; a play of colors, shapes, and forms to bond the viewer with the spirit of the natural world.

Palouse is a magical, ethereal, agricultural area complete with abstract forms, textures, diversification, repeating patterns and color. With a slow shutter speed and a panning technique (after many images taken) I captured an impressionistic abstract that I titled “Prairie Colors” because the agricultural fields of Palouse reminded me a lot of the prairie fields that I have encountered in the Midwest. – Dennis Sabo

Large photographic metal print. High gloss.

Limited Edition Series of 30.

Metal prints are mounted on 2mm black Styrene with black edge and finished with black metal inset frame and wire hanger. Each work is made-to-order at time of purchase.

28 x 45 in. (71 x 114 cm.)