Nature’s Circuit Board

Nature’s Circuit Board

Dennis Sabo

Dennis came upon this impressionistic autumn pond reflection at Babcock State Park in West Virginia on a very cold morning where light continued to play hide-and-seek, flickering in and out of the wooded area around Boley Lake.

This play of light and colors gave way to one of his favorite autumn water reflections.

I think growth as an artist and a photographer is very important.  I continue to strive to find new ways of telling the same story so I wanted to photograph a new autumn image not often seen when someone shuffles through their photography magazines.  The image is captured within a split second where light and motion are constantly changing and evolving. – Dennis Sabo

Limited Edition Series of 30.

Photographic metal print. High gloss.

Metal prints are mounted on 2mm black Styrene with black edge and finished with a black metal inset frame and wire hanger. Each Dennis Sabo work is made-to-order at time of purchase.

17 x 36.5 in. (43 x 93 cm.)