Dennis Sabo

The lowlands of South Carolina are expansive.  In Marshland, I wanted to show a microcosm of nature; a tiny portion of nature complete with textures and repeating patterns.  Marshland happened just prior to sunrise at an extremely low tide when pinks and yellows were prevalent in the atmosphere which reflected off the sand muck and reeds.

My goal from day one was to capture the essence of this wonderful ecosystem; to breathe life into the art as the island surroundings revitalized my own sense of seeing. I wanted an image from this area to have the textures, patterns, and feel of the marshland area. It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. – Dennis Sabo

Large photographic metal print. High gloss.

Limited edition series of 30.

Metal prints are mounted on 2mm black Styrene with black edge and finished with a black metal inset frame and wire hanger. Each work is made-to-order at time of purchase.

30 x 45 in. (76 x 114 cm.)