Le Tambour

Le Tambour

Phong Trinh

Le Tambour, Ile de France, Paris, France. I remember a children’s song, “Le tambour”, a story of young princes and princesses. The song is a familiar notion of delight, joy, fun, and romance in French culture. Le Tambour Cafe looks like a place where people meet, break up and make up, problems solved and life continues. It looks like a place where friendship can be found and relationship made. Listening to Les Feuilles Mortes by Edith Piaf, I decided to add falling autumn leaves to the morning atmosphere at Le Tambour Cafe along with long scattered tree shadows (instead of a simple wash). Live life to the fullest before it’s all gone! That’s what the scene says! ~ Phong Trinh

23.6 x 16.5 in. (60 x 42 cm.)


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