First Light

First Light

Dennis Sabo

Before sunrise, Indian Beach, Ecola State Park, Oregon with many inversion layers.

Life’s simple pleasures can be mesmerizing and alluring almost hypnotic if you concentrate your viewpoint on them over a period of time.  Think campfire, snow flurries at night under a full moon or ocean wave sets that have finality once they hit the beach. I love watching waves at the beach at early morning or late evening.  The variety of atmospheric light that splash color on the water coupled with the majestic curls and sway of the wave movement is hypnotic. – Dennis Sabo

Finished with a Float Mount hanger that is attached to the back of the work, and floats the artwork 1/2-inch off the wall.

Metal print, high gloss

Limited edition of 75

20 x 30 in. (51 x 76 cm.)