Fire & Ice

Fire & Ice

Dennis Sabo

Diptych (2 panels)

Each panel is 34 in. tall by 14 in. wide.

Photographic Metal Prints; high gloss

Limited Edition of 50.

Finished with a Float Mount hanger that is attached to the back of the work, and floats the artwork 1/2-inch off the wall

Fire and ice have been used metaphorically to describe one’s inner self.  Fire, for the passion that burns brightly in what you truly aspire to accomplish. Ice, as a protectionary emotion that appears to the outside world as being cold.

In nature, fire and ice exist without destroying each other.  I wanted to use my natural world abstracts for this juxtapose.  Fire was a backlit autumn tree microcosm during an autumn where the trees were lit on fire with beautiful red and yellow leaves.  Ice is from Mount Rainier National Park—a glacier abstract of the mountain.

I challenge myself to capture common subjects that are often overlooked and then refine the photograph into an interpretive collage of color, motion, and textures.

My impressionistic abstracts are original, raw art, using photography as the medium. The image is captured within a split second where light and motion are constantly changing and evolving. – Dennis Sabo

34 x 14 in. (86.4 x 35.5 cm.)