Monet Lilies

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Monet Lilies

Dennis Sabo

Photographic metal print. High gloss.

Limited edition of 50.

Finished with a float mount hanger that is attached to the back of the work, and floats the artwork 1/2-inch off the wall.

A trip to Africa in 2004 rekindled my interest in microcosms of nature utilizing in-camera techniques.  We were at our last base camp which at the end of an 18-day adventure.  One late afternoon near dusk, I captured this wonderful assortment of green pond lilies against the cobalt blue pond water reflected by sun rays through the tree canopy, producing this wonderful impressionistic piece.

I challenge myself to find common subjects that are often overlooked and then capture that image as an interpretive collage of color and textures. With a global community very much focused on environmental impact and fragile ecosystems, my artwork captures natural images and color with a perspective people easily miss.  My interest is in the natural details; how the environment on a particular day, in a particular light, and at a particular moment in time correlates to my personal vision and interpretation of nature. – Dennis Sabo

18 x 32 in. (46 x 81 cm.)