An Autumn With You

An Autumn With You

Phong Trinh

Watercolor on paper, 2018

For painter, Phong Trinh, this painting evokes the poem, The Pond Digger.

Days in our school yard

Shade of you took my soul

Under a tree, our own sky

Combing hair, slender fingers,

long and shine

Leaving school seats behind

In an empty space

I stare ..

No more school yard plays

No more days to meet

The finger you laid on my heart

is still there

Pick up a spade

Dig and dig, I begin to dig

“No, I do not need a contour

A drawing, a measurement

or a plan”

I’ll make a pond, fill in with tears

I’ll make a pond in the shape,

the shape of you

I’ll make a pond to keep, to hold

With my soul.

It’s the pond

of promise and dreams

The promise I made at thirteen

in my dreams

At night, under the moon light

Arch of the bridge will make a ring,

for your finger,

to put our souls together


Till the day,

Very low down

lower than the first stone of the bridge

I was laid down,

The pond on my body

like you were on top of me

Like the bridge across the pond

I’ll put my arms around you,

holding tight,

tighter than I hold my life

as one, reality and eternity

have come together,


No, no more empty space

for me to escape.

21.6 x 30 in. (55 x 75 cm.)


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