Nicholas Broughton

Nicholas Broughton is a contemporary and innovative artist who considers a day without painting to be incomplete. He has lived in various countries such as Brazil, England, Thailand and currently Australia which has contributed to his fascination for the vibrancy of life that he confidently depicts in his art.

His most formative years were spent in Brazil where he learned to adapt to a fascinating scene of different cultural backgrounds and traditions. The Brazilian artist Di Cavalcanti was an early influence but as he started painting seriously, the influence of Picasso, Modigliani and Chagall has dominated his canvases.

The memories of his time in Brazil are Nicholas’ inspiration for his unique Favela series. He creates these ‘shanty towns’ using a base of bitumen to heighten the contrast of colours and textures. Gold leaf is a regular addition to the windows which gives the effect of lights being turned on, depending on the angle of the viewer.

“My Favela paintings do not have to be considered beautiful as long as they make people think and instill a feeling of gratitude for their present status,” says Nicholas.

Nicholas enjoys experimenting with style, colour and textures as he tries to create the perfect picture. His clarity of idea, image and distinctive sense of colour attest to his daring individual stance in making powerful impassioned statements. “To me, making art is an outlet for creativity and the release of a lifetime’s experience. A painting should tell a tale and does not have to be precise or beautiful. Colour, texture, composition and subject matter are juggled together and every now and again, the end result is satisfactory.”

Passionate about making art accessible for all, Nicholas regularly donates his time and his paintings to various children’s charities. It is important for him to use his craft to bring colour and joy to any room, as well as to provide the means of helping troubled children with hope and help.

“A painting should grab your attention whatever the subject, it should always evoke an emotion and give a room a sense of atmosphere. I’m really happy that my work is also going to assist the Abused Child Trust provide a bit of help and hope for abused children.” Nicholas often leaves his works untitled.

To Nicholas, works of art seem to change in meaning depending on what mood he is in and who is showing them to. He believes the paintings should take you in a certain emotional direction but the real pleasure should come between the personal interactions with each piece of art. People see things differently, feel things differently and react to life differently, therefore a piece of art forms a unique relationship with each individual.


Nicholas’s full episode features in the first ever series of “Colour in Your Life” TV show and aired across Australia in 2012. The series has since aired in New Zealand, Singapore and currently across 21 states via 35 networks in the United States. Nicholas is filmed painting one of his famous Favela pieces and reveals his unique style to Graeme, the host and series creator.

ABC TV ‘Open’: Nicholas was interviewed for the “Artist by Artist’ project and aired on the ABC channel across Australia in 2011.



  • 2015 “Show de Bola” (group) Berlin, Germany
  • 2015 ArtExpo New York, NY, U.S.
  • 2014/15 “The Best of All” and 2013 “Christmas Show” (group) SOHO Gallery, Sydney, Australia
  • 2014 “Show de Bola” (group) Art Spectrum, Miami, U.S.
  • 2014 “Show de Bola” (group) Rio de Janeiro / Sao Paulo / Piracicaba, Brazil
  • 2013 “Christmas show” (group) SOHO Gallery, Sydney, Australia
  • 2012 “Secrets of the Favela” (solo) Gold Coast, Australia
  • 2011 “Scapes” (solo) The Way of Design Gallery, Gold Coast, Australia
  • 2009 “Favela” (solo) The Way of Design Gallery, Gold Coast, Australia
  • 2009 “Favela” (solo) Gig Gallery, Sydney, Australia
  • 2008 “Favela” (solo) Fitzroy Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
  • 2008 “Juris Imprudence” (solo) Gallery One, Brisbane, Australia
  • 2007 “In your Face” (solo) Gallery One, Brisbane, Australia