David & David

French artist and furniture designer, David & David’s reverse paintings on tempered glass were inspired by his time working in animation. Russian and Czech animators used the beloved technique of painting on glass to create individualistic and fluid animated films with the impression that the animation is in a constant state of metamorphosis. David & David uses this technique of plate-glass painting to preserve an organic, muted quality to his work that nonetheless pulsates with a visual language unique to David. The women of his paintings are languorously beautiful, reminiscent of Paris’ turn-of-the-century Belle Epoque. His still lifes possess the subtle pastels of watercolor and simultaneously, the vibrancy of the acrylics he’s mastered. David’s appealing visual style is nostalgic of other times and other places, whether it’s Paris in the 1890s or on a magical, mystery European tour in the 1960s.

David & David has exhibited internationally in Europe, the United States and the Middle East, and his work is collected worldwide. He lives in France.




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