Teresa Benjamin

Naples artist Teresa Benjamin applies her extensive study of the figurative form to her canvases in a loose, yet precise style. At first a realist, Benjamin’s latest work reveals a release of expression where details are blurred, bringing out the evocativeness and emotion in a scene. Benjamin excels at a variety of mediums including oils, acrylics, watercolors and ink on paper. Picasso, Diebenkorn, de Kooning, Frankenthaler and Krasner remain lasting influences as Benjamin pushes her work towards the aesthetics of abstract expressionism and beyond. Her travels later in life reignited the passion for creating she developed as a five-year old when she would often sit watching her father sketch and paint on their many outings. What Benjamin presents now is a culmination of a life spent seeing and discerning—reinterpreted as moments in time on canvas. Benjamin’s work is collected internationally by collectors in Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New Mexico, New York, California and France.





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Artist’s Statement

I sketch and paint because I am constantly observing and quantifying the elements of my life that make me “feel”. Nature, music, human figures, relationships, struggles, sadness, joy…these types of things drive me to recreate in some form on paper what I experience.  My history has taught me that I much prefer to use figurative shapes as starting points for my expression, thus pure abstract painting is elusive to me. However, my artist voice has been striving to move from impressionistically representational into abstract figurative and expressionistic styles.

Speaking of that elusive artistic voice, I’m starting to realize that I will never actually find mine because it is always growing, changing, evolving into new ways of expression. That relatively recent realization is liberating for me; there can be no valid judgement of right or wrong as long as my works are an honest depiction of where my mind was when I created them.  – Teresa Benjamin


January 23, 2020 –5pm to 7pm

Live Painting Series: Teresa Benjamin

Naples artist, Teresa Benjamin, demonstrates her painting technique and brushwork as part of the Emillions Art Live Painting Series in partnership with Engel & Völkers, this Thursday, January 23rd, 5:30-7:30pm. For more works by Teresa Benjamin, stroll into Engel & Völkers and Emillions Art on the second floor.


Artwork by Teresa Benjamin