Sofia Zu’bi

Sofia Zu’bi is an artist and author currently living and working in New York. She was born in 1993 in Newport Beach, California and studied at both Art Center College of Design and Pratt Institute with a BFA in Painting and Art History. Since 2017, she has first focused on her studio practice in Freehold, New Jersey. She has dabbled in curatorial projects with galleries in the East Coast, showing her work both domestically and abroad. When she decided to move back to Brooklyn, New York, living in a small shared space forced her to begin her first children’s book, Sawdust, which has turned into a major success to be published in 2020.

Sofia Zu’bi’s work is both personal and symbolic, inspired by actual experiences and dreams. She creates her own magical dreamland where the characters are tested through love, power, and decisions. The Princess is a central figure within her work, often used as a metaphor for innocence and vulnerability. The characters are engaged in an endless circular conflict, constantly swaying between power and powerlessness, love and deceit. Sofia’s work mirrors human perseverance, as the Princess understands life’s harmful disguises as well as its mystical beauty.

In the ongoing novel series, Sawdust, the Princess has escaped her village and stumbles upon a traveling group of gypsy circus performers. The performers take her in as one of their own to join their death-defying stunts. She finds herself transforming as she morphs into her many disguises. From her usual expected royal stature, she allows herself to take any shape or form she chooses. The misinterpretation of her history back at her kingdom challenges her even more to find her identity.

From shame, secrets, love, passion and silence, the Princess works her way through the stage entertaining an audience who is oblivious to her innocence and naivety. Her stumbling upon the circus was a fate-shaping destiny which ultimately leads her to find herself. With the Princess’ journey through the circus, there is excitement as she tests the limits of one’s life and tells how a promised fairy tale fantasy is never what it may seem.



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Artwork by Sofia Zu’bi