Ryan Saevitz

The artwork created by Ryan Saevitz spans a spectrum of color, light and medium as diverse as his subject matter. His works are deeply entrenched in a lifestyle driven by passion.

Those passions, developing since childhood, remain today. Ryan is fueled by living outdoors whenever possible, where he can best harness his boundless energy coupled with a strong sense of adventure. As a professional guide, photographer, sculptor, and mixed-media artist, he thrives on physical and mental challenges and feels most alive when he’s experiencing the thrills of the natural elements on their level.

Ryan is living proof that a meaningful relationship between people and their environment has endless benefits towards creating a more personally fulfilling and altruistic lifestyle.

His artwork is a reflection of the natural, humbling, life-giving environments that inspire him on a daily basis. Bold colors, powerful scenery and an unmatched sense of both scale and complexity serve as an important reminder that we’re all in this together.

Ryan’s work lives in private collections around the world, from Switzerland to Argentina, and coast-to coast between Boston, New York, Chicago, and his current home in the Pacific Northwest.



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