Peter Rujuwa

Stone sculpture has been Peter’s passion since the age of six when he and his friends created toys from the soapstone that was abundant in mountains surrounding his village in Zimbabwe, Africa. His improvised chisels were dry sticks split in half and his files were rough stones. Named after Peter’s tribe, “Shona” of Zimbabwe, his hand-carved Shona stone sculptures affirm the co-existence between humans and nature. Inspiration comes from the alchemy of what Peter desires to sculpt and the hidden visual image in the row stone.

The Atlanta Airport set up a breathtaking Shona sculpture display on one of their concourses. The display enriches society with exposure to Shona stone sculptures. With the same mindset to expose Shona art to the world, the public is invited to Peter’s stone sculpture studio and ethnic art gallery in Greenwood, Indianapolis. The ethnic art gallery displays Peter’s stone sculptures as well as those of his apprentices and  mentors. Included in the collections are paintings, african jewellery, ostrich egg carvings, decorated walking sticks, ceramics, batiks and wooden masks all hand done by African artists.

In collaboration with Hope Ministry led by Pastors Jean and Jim Huiett in Indianapolis, Peter volunteers his time teaching sculpture classes to enrich and empower impoverished Indianapolis neighbourhoods. For the sculpture classes, Unique Rock Art Studio donates the carving serpentine stone which is from Zimbabwe.



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Artwork by Peter Rujuwa