Monique Frydman

French artist Monique Frydman is the contemporary descendant of Abstract Expressionism and the evolution of its seemingly spontaneous, subconscious trademarks that epitomize the movement. Frydman’s various methods of work range from early experimentation with large-format pieces using tissue paper on linen, which later evolved to placing the canvas flat on the floor and dampened with glue, allowing the pigments of paints and pastels to impregnate the surface. Frydman’s Violet III originates from this period.

Camille Morineau, writing in “From Matisse to Rothko,” connects Frydman’s use of color to that of her forebearers. “The series titled, ‘L’Ombre du Rouge, Violet, et Senantes,’ indicates a progressive evolution towards monochrome, bringing Frydman even closer to the second generation of abstract expressionists.”

Monique Frydman was born in Nages, France in 1943. Her works have been acquired by the Centre Georges Pompidou (Musee National d’Art Moderne in Paris), the 21st Century Museum of contemporary art, Kanazawa (Japan), the French Embassy in Washinton, D.C. and other important public collections. Frydman has shown in solo exhibitions at the Musée Matisse in Le Cateau-Cambresis, France; La Varriere, The Hermes Foundation in Brussels, Belgium; at the Musée du Louvre in Paris, as well as numerous exhibitions in London, Tokyo, the United States, Geneva, and Singapore.




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Artwork by Monique Frydman